Reason 2: Bid Sale Auto Auction Web Site

the first line of defense with any new business and believe me your new auction is like a new franchise within your franchise when you start a new business you always want a website so that the buyers have a place to go to register to login to view your rules to look at the next auction dates etc we provide free of charge to all of our auction dealer clients a wholesale auction website usually we buy something along the line of your business name auction com or wholesale comm or bid sale com so for example competition auction com is one of our auctions for example now the advantage of having a wholesale auction website is that wholesale buyers just like retail buyers go on Google and search for auctions near me and your auction is going to show up in a great ranking position just like all the other auctions in town so you’re not just kind of out there by yourself on the web you have people able to find you by themselves and once they come to your site they can view your cars they can register for your auction and become you know your next power buyer very cool feature only available with auctions simplified you you

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