Quickie: Zero Dark Thirty

So I saw zero dark thirty
and I was pretty disappointed. Probably six out of ten.
around there. Uhh, same writer and same
director as The Hurt Locker. However, despite the fact that
Zero Dark Thirty was based on a real person, The Hurt Locker turned out to be much
better of a character study than Zero Dark Thirty. Umm, I don’t think it’s going to win the Oscar. If it does, I’ll be disappointed. Aah, whatever.
The Oscars don’t really matter much anyway. Umm…
I- I liked that they had the torture in there and it was realistic and well done and, ya know,
not too many movies would bother Showing poop on the the guy’s butthole
and coming off of his leg to be sorta gross. So I appreciated some things from this movie that did things that other movies might not do.
But at the same time it was really really fucking long and not that much happened. Umm, I don’t know if this is
just because of the fact that I saw it in a Canadian audience
but as soon as they say the words Osama Bin Laden in the movie
everybody just starts laughing. You know when shes just like
“We’re gonna go catch Osama Bin Laden” and then everybody’s like
“HMMPH!” Like, It’s a punchline now.
It’s a punchline. It’s- it’s… The name is just so detached
from reality at this point that mentioning him is comical. It’s a punchline. Any- any time somebody mentioned his name,
especially when they were uhh… (Phone Beeps) The SWAT team at the end and he was like
“Osama!” Everybody just started laughing. Umm… The half an hour near the end where
they actually did have the special ops I know I said SWAT team. I’m gonna get trolled by people being like “You’re not using the correct army definition.” Even though it has absolutely
nothing to do my review. Anyway, umm…
That scene near the end turned out to be quite good.
I really really liked the way that they did the lighting. A lot of films, uhh, when they
do a night time setting you can sorta tell that they- they
had a lot of studio lighting and then just dimmed
it in post production. Whereas with this,
it looked really natural. Umm, in terms of the colours
and the shadows and- and everything. Umm, It was intense. It had me like…
Ya know. I was- I was actively engaged
in it during the last half hour. I feel like that’s how most people
watch the movies, they were sort of, ya know, just watching it and not really one way or
the other on the movie. And then the last half hour
completely wins them over. But I’m not the type of person
where I’ll forget about the entire first… Like, eighty percent of the movie and
just chalk it up to the last half hour. Umm…
I don’t like how… They- ye- ye- ya know-
you go in with the knowledge that it’s based on a true story and
that’s sort of the selling point to this movie but at the same time,
how are you supposed to ignore little things like the helicopter crashing. Did that actually happen?
I don’t think that actually happened. And that was kinda distracting in a movie that’s supposed to play off close to reality. Like, we all know that they wouldn’t have
even had twenty minuets to half an hour to pull off that operation.
They would have been much quicker. But I’m not going to complain about that. I- I just–
There was a lot of talking and it tried to sell itself
as an action movie so uhh… Its personal preference. Didn’t- I didn’t dig it.
I don’t know, maybe if I was in the United States and maybe if I was all about
freedom and not about, ya know, communism, socialism,
and- and being uhh… devil worshipper up here uhh… then maybe I might be a lot
more emotionally attached to the whole idea of
catching Osama Bin Laden. But that alone just wasn’t
a selling point for me and I think that because
of that, it didn’t really do it’s job as an entertaining movie. Umm, on my vlogs channel,
which I’ll link to right here. I decided that I’m not gonna,
like I don’t need to do the whole like “ask me questions!” In one specific sort of event.
So you guys can just fuckin’ post video responses and I’ll answer them whenever. Cause that’s basically what I’m
gonna turn that channel into. Is just a Q and A sorta thing.
So… just do that and there’s no real guidelines. Just ask
away and I’ll answer them and uhh… Yap, yep, yep.
Brrt brrt brrt pthhh* Peace.

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  1. How do you think the oscars are going to go though?

    I think Les Miserable is going to win Best Picture but it should go to Django.

  2. All I know is that they would make themselves look like the least-credible awards ceremony in the world if Amour doesn't win Best Foreign-Language Film. I have no idea who's going to win Best Picture.

  3. ah, I guess forgiveness can be given for canadians but the helicopter did crash and they had to blow it up so it couldn't be recovered and they were in and out in about 26 minutes…but that doesnt make it good because it's accurate. But it was accurate except for the torture was exaggerated.

  4. Have you seen Amour yet? I figure since you love Haneke you'd love it. I haven't seen it and would love to hear your thoughts if you have.

  5. Stupid Canadians laughing about Osama… WTF? Weird shit, man. I wonder if you guys would laugh if he was the main suspect in 3,000 killed in your country instead.

  6. He killed 3,000 people period. Sorry I don't place a different value on people because of which side of the border they're on. Learn to laugh.

  7. Darn this thing! I didn't know you had a blog channel! But I'm using a mobile device right now so I can't see the annotation! Bah, when will they add annotations to YouTube mobile?

  8. Osama Bin Laden


    Doesn't even make sense. Not saying thats wrong or some shit, but it really doesn't make sense to laugh at that….

  9. It's nice to see someone that has the same opinions as me. Of course, that's always nice to a lot of audiences. The movie was shit. Hyped going in.. Almost fell asleep during the entire movie..

  10. Just want to point out that yes a helicopter wrecked. It was a major part of the news when we found out he died. It's because they were using experimental helicopters that weren't as stable.

  11. Because americans all play martyr whenever osama is mentioned. Plus the way they say it in the movie is just fucking hilarious.

  12. I guess because US Americans still jump at Osama's shadow. Remember the context too, America is basically the laughing stock of the western world. We're the only post-industrial country who is still debating things like abortion and the Theory of Evolution(amongst other issues). Add the fact that the American government has passed legislation that undermines civil liberties and toppled two countries by fear mongering on one man, there's definitely some satire in there. Albeit morbid..

  13. Ya, like I understand Canadians probably didn't pay quite as much attention to this story, but it was world news, and one of the biggest parts of this event was how it almost failed because of that crash.

  14. about the raid in reality it took 38 minutes and they gave themselves a window of 40 minutes and the helicopter did crash but they had multiple backup helicopters in the area

    There are actually t-shirts that say that. And no, they're not serious.

  16. Do you know how many of them our country has killed?
    A hell of a lot more than 3000, and we didn't blow up national symbols, we blew up their supplies, food, milk, stuff like that.

    Don't run your mouth if you don't want to see the reality. War is never good guys vs bad guys.

  17. Yeah before they never existed and only "crazy people" believed in them, now they are "prototype stealth helicopters" like it's some brand new thing.


  18. Crazy to think that the tons of politics that are in the majority of the movie when deciding what to do is far more exciting than it ever is in real life…And it was still boring. Osama Bin Laden's death was refreshingly anti-climactic and realistic, so no one other than me seemed to like it.

  19. yeah that was my reaction too when they said the name Bin Laden… just no…
    I'm generally sick and tired of the word "terror" when it is used by people who are very much like terrorists themselves ahem-America-ahem.
    Yeah… go America go. Fight your fight against terror by terrorising and dumb down your citizens and enslave other countries for no particular good reason…. and call some guy in a cave the big enemy-terrorist-muslim-dick.
    I wonder if they ever look themselves in the mirror.

  20. I never seen the movie, but I fear that critics are praising it because it's based on an event on getting revenge for 9/11.

  21. I enjoyed the film in another what has been a dismal year in film. From accounts I have read they did crash one of the helicopters; I think the scene was pretty accurate and I'm sure the CIA wasn't very happy about it. I thought Jessica Chastain was awesome; and of course one of James Gandolfini's last films.

  22. The women were so impulsive in the movie, ones like fuck security protocols get him in here I baked him a cake. And the other one is all "Fuck you all its fucking Bin Laden, why the fuck are you all not sure"

  23. Wow I'm pretty much in line with most of your reviews, but Zero Dark Thirty was incredibly compelling. Granted it had the advantage of being based on a true story, but I watched it twice in two day and was enthralled both times. But I have to admit that I saw a doc on the women who was killed in the 'birthday scene' (hope it's not too much of a spoiler) and it's far sadder than it's depicted in the film (she was a genius with the most knowledge of al qaeda, in the film she looks like a doofus..)

  24. I absolutely hated the movie. For a movie based on a true story, it did not did its homework. The pakistani cities in the movie were not even remotely like they are in reality. The 'pakistanis' shown in the movie were not dressed like pakistanis and did not even speak the right language… The people in the movie were speaking Arabic while in reality they speak Urdu. The movie lost all creditability for me and I couldn't get into it at all.

  25. Why Canadians are laughing at a subject so serious, is probably one reason why Americans draw stereotypes from them.

  26. In response to a lot that is here.

    I am a New Yorker. I was in the city when the towers fell.

    By the time Osama finally died, I stopped caring. My thought was, "My uncles have fought in both Iraq and Afganistan, and for what?". I supported both wars from the outset, but came to change my mind. Obama, Bush, it didn't matter to me. The film seemed like a cheap cash in on an event because we have no semblance of history, no semblance of dignified reflection anymore. Why is his critique that the way Osama is dropped in the film seemed comical any less valid?

  27. I think that the people involved in this movie were just milking the cash cow on this story. I get the stuff that happened to lead to the actual event, but nothing really happebed except for the last 10 minutes of the film. I am american, and I'm glad that a terrorist can't commit any more acts of terror, but as soon as something like osama dying, or the anniversary of the assassination of JFK, or fads like justin bieber and katy Perry. Movies based on these are mostly movies trying to get the quick buck because they know that everyone will watch the story that they've already heard a million times. Overall Just not a very good movie.

  28. The reason why the operation took twenty + minutes to be completed was because most of the mission they were looking for information about other terrorist plots, leaders, and I guess weapon trafficking. Also the helicopter malfunction could have been part of why it took so long.

  29. I would say maybe being a Canadian it didn't have as big a impact. Also I completely agree this was marketed as a action movie but wasn't really at all besides the end. It was a real event and they tried to make a movie of it but to be honest real life isn't as dramatic as cinema. It's faster, more harsh and ass loads of paperwork. Few things you said Though that weren't totally accurate though was the raid took I believe 45+ minutes so they did have the time and the chopper did crash. They did call his name out in the raid it's a tactic Spec Ops has been employing since the Vietnam era. All in all I give it 7 but hey I'm a bias American. I think though Jessica Chastain deserved the oscar over Jennifer Lawrence and her god awful acting. All that being said though Love the reviews you do! Keep up the great work

  30. I think I'm the only person who saw the end of Zero Dark Thirty as potentially ambiguous. Only she identifies Bin Laden in the body bag, seems kind of stunned, then breaks down. Seems to me she could've lied to save face.

  31. I hated this movie. Jessica Chastain was barely in it and when she was she can be seen whispering or standing over a computer monitor or looking at someone or something very intently. She garnered so much praise for doing nothing. Thank goodness Jennifer Lawrence won.

  32. I've read a few comments on here where people claim the movie is cashing in on a certain event.  Are they talking about the death of Bin Laden or 9/11?  If they're referring to Bin Laden's death, those people should know that the movie was in production long before the raid and the movies ending had to be altered after he was killed.

  33. Yes the helicopter actually did crash. And yes the operation took 40 minutes. If your looking for a realistic story why not do your research so you actually know what really happened.

  34. i don't know anywhere where the name Osama Bin laden bring laughter except for in canada. In America if you bring up the name osama the mood automatically turns somber..  

  35. Actually, on the operation there was a helicopter problem, and before they left (because it had sooper speshul tech) they blew it up
    (I think they blew it up cause Merica)

  36. I too was disappointed in the film overall, particularly the espionage portion which took substantial liberties with the truth in how it portrayed torture as the way in which bin Laden's courier was tracked down.  I also found Mark Duplass's cameo as an intelligence officer pretty jarring and it kind of took me out of the film a bit.  No doubt he was friends with someone high up in the production staff. 

    The best part of the film, and what everyone wanted to see, was the raid – which I can say having studied it fairly in-depth, was about 70%-75% accurate on the important details (which is pretty good for a dramatization out of Hollywood).  Also the tactic of calling out a target's name in the local accent (impersonating a family member to lure out the target) is I learned commonly used by Special Forces, and was actually used that night in the raid, though not against Osama himself but his son (it worked).

    However, I must say that as an American who is far from jingoistic, nationalistic, or flag-saluting, I am a bit miffed at the reaction you describe from Canadian audiences.  Osama bin Laden is certainly a punchline in America too, but you better believe most Americans, myself included, had a deep-seated need to see him brought down, and took immense satisfaction in the way it happened.  Perhaps I can forgive Canadians since you don't understand how it felt for this guy to get away with killing 3000 of your citizens and performing an attempted decapitation of your government for almost 10 goddamn years.  I know for most of those who lost someone on 9/11 it was almost daily torture knowing he had not been brought to justice – perhaps low level torture, but torture nonetheless.  The sense of closure his death at US hands brought to us can't be understated, and I take exception to minimizing that. 

  37. yea i agree as an American most of the excitement that came from this movie was the fact that they where going to show what happened and how we got Osama, this should have been a US release only and probably would have got better reception understanding this is all about American patriotism

  38. One thing you might be interested in is the fact that the movie was originally the same for the first 2/3 of the movie, but the original final 1/3 of the movie was going to end with a stalemate-style epilogue, wallowing in the fact that the hunt was perhaps to remain never-ending.  However, then Seal Team 6 killed Osama, so then the final 1/3 was recreated to match this.  As such, I'd like to know what your take on that is, and if you think this original ending might have made for a more complete or compelling movie to you.

  39. "I know I said SWAT team… And I know I'll get trolled for not using the right Army definition…"…. You're not even using the right fucking branch.

  40. What I didn't get is why they used such a stupid title. Zero dark thirty is very informal slang for "really fucking early in the morning". Might as well have named the movie "Asscrack of Dawn".

  41. The worst thing about this movie is that it acts as "apologia" for torture. It attempts to justify the USA's use torture. Kinda sickened me when some of my friends actually pointed to this movie and said "see they got useful information form 'enhanced interrogation' " When I mentioned what happened to our guys during Vietnam like John McCain, they dismissed it as "not the same"

  42. I was impressed by a few things and forgot everything else. I do remember the "I was the one who found this mother***ing house." being said with a straight face.

  43. The sensitivity from the comments comes from fact and fiction. The crash did happen, but it was a Chinook, not experimental helicopters. Based or inspired by a true story gives alot of leeway for artistic story telling. Now to scold you for being from the great north, Tell me what battles Canadians fought for? Correct me if am wrong, but don't y'all have the Queen of England still on your currency? Blow a vocal fart all you want, but Canada isn't a world power and will never be one. Canada only exists because the US allows it to.(pompous vocal fart)

  44. The reason why the character in Hurt Locker is better developed than the protagonist in Zero Dark Thirty, even though Zero Dark Thirty is a true story the protagonist is essentially the combination of a team of women.

    There's a great documentary that you should accompany a viewing of Zero Dark Thirty called "Manhunt: The Search for Bin Laden." It goes over the details, the methods used to obtain information, the woman and other officials killed by the bomber that was supposed to provide intel, everything.

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