QuickBooks Online Tutorial for Beginners #8 / Recurring Transactions

friends we’re gonna do recurring
transactions here QuickBooks Online threat we are in
correct science sample company so you can make recurring bills were gonna do
in journal ensure a recurring items we’re going to internal injury here so
we were to leave your box here internal injury and we’re gonna say
we’re going to make this first 14 last day in September let’s just say that
shareholder distribution of $500 every single one so sure order distribution i
guess its not so we’re so when I peter is gonna really quick add you know we’re
making sure the judgment of the distribution and sale $500 and
description receive monthly distribution here on the distribution and putting
them in there were not take so the checking account for distribution here’s the magic were gonna make this
hurting and so the name weird name weird monthly monthly shareholder polar bears like
okay so yes it’s scheduled remind her run schedule schedule we’re gonna
created no days in advance and the interval you can do it daily weekly
monthly yearly monthly we’re doing on the last day forsaking their course last very very
pick the day going to put the last down last day of every month starting to say
the end of this month the start date because we made this 149 3rd template and see recurring journal
injury city that’s how you make recurring injuries

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