QAN blockchain platform introduction

the technology likely to have the
greatest impact on the next few decades has arrived. And now another of these
breakthroughs is about to boldly transform us and that is blockchain
technology. There is a new technological institution that will fundamentally
change how we exchange value. But we have to be aware of some alarming facts. Did
you know that with the energy use of one transaction of the first cryptocurrency,
Bitcoin, the average U.S. household could be powered for more than twenty days. Ethereum’s energy consumption per transaction is 200 kilometer drive with
an electric car. The carbon footprint of one Bitcoin
transaction equals that of seven hundred thirty two thousand two hundred and
ninety one Visa transactions. A new transparent technology must not waste
our precious environmental resources Proof-of-Work known as mining uses a
tremendous amount of energy. The other solution, Proof-of-Stake, by using less is
not democratic. For this reason, we went with an all new consensus algorithm
Proof-of-Randomness which uses one hundredth of the energy yet remains
fully democratic. Validators can join the process using their mobile phones and
get financial rewards. No need for mining machines. And it’s not only energy
consumption we should be concerned with regarding blockchain technology.
Cryptography as we have known it could have a mighty enemy in the future. It’s
called quantum computing. Users don’t need to worry now but developers have to
be prepared the QAN blockchain platform is quantum-resistant by design. In
cryptography it’s crucial to be prepared for millions of years ahead of threats
no one should accept excuses that we still have a couple of years. With these
main problems solved, QAN sets one more daring goal to nurture the mass adoption
of blockchain technology by supporting both enterprises and developers by
implementing this revolutionary technology so end-users can also profit
from it. We do this by creating a platform that does not require mastering
unique programming languages and is capable of serving all kinds of industry
processes. QAN has a higher TPS than most widely
used platforms including Ethereum. And now let’s have a glimpse at the space
where the QAN blockchain platform is entering. If we have a look at the
scalability of the platforms we can see that QAN has some prominent peers. The
average age of blockchain platforms in the market is 3 years. Based on the data
of, blockchain platform tokens produced an average
return on investment of one thousand two hundred and twenty three percent. The
crowdfunding starts on BitBay and the mainnet will be launched in Q2 2020. The
community seems eager to find out more about QAN. Join in QANplatform’s quest
to build a truly secure, quantum- resistant and environment-friendly
blockchain platform.

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