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The hard-working team member Iris needs a new monitor for her work. So she wrote an email to her IT manager to replace it with a new one. Ken got the email. But he was also distracted with other messages and requests in the office. He accidentally forgot about her. So she took the matter into her own hands and bought it for herself. The bigger problem came when Tony received her invoice. Only her invoice. No purchase order or shipment documents. It was very hard for him to track anything and manage the spending. A better way to do this? Let’s Procurify it. Procurify simplifies the whole process by keeping all purchase requests in one place. So instead of getting lost in emails and spreadsheets – it’s simple design organizes all requests. So you can review and approve them in one place. It even shows you if your purchases are within your budget. And you can approve it anywhere. It’s really simple. Just open the app. Review the request. And then approve. With a short processing time. You get your orders faster. Tracking an item when it arrives is easy. Just take a photo of the package – and you’re done. With 3-way matching – Procurify saves purchase orders, shipment documents, and invoices. So you don’t have to chase down paperwork. That’s it. Improving your company spend culture is simple. So next time you need to purchase anything – Just Procurify it. Procurify – Purchasing made ridiculously easy.

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