They Here….This is My Goat App Review… They Finally HERE…. We gone see if these shits is Legit or Not Finally Here… See what these looking like what if these shits is fake what if they tried these shits on that’s what i be thinking like what if niggas tried these shits on STOMPED THEY FEET, all of that in there We Gonna See what’s u… Alright this is the official GOAT APP review tryna see if this is legit, This is my first purchase off GOAT APP im going to Give My First Impression on what I think about GOAT YO, I’m thinking that these niggas at GOAT tried my shits on, little shit like that but Na i ordered these last Friday probably the seventh yeah April seventh um I just got these today’s Thursday so it took about less than a week Six days, so let’s see what it is alright as you can see It comes with a GOAT sticker its wrapped up UM i’ll show ya’ll what I ordered as well listen I ordered these because I ain’t want to deal with the fucking headache i’ll tell you that right now, I was kind of lazy on this Release I could have got them but I just was lazy i was like fuck it. let me… let me just order these off of GOAT this would be my first try doing it, see how it is. Paid $260, NOT BAD…. inside here comes with a little authentic whatever, however you fucking say that. so they authenticated it and that’s the person signature see how they look, alright…… Deadstock you see… right here. alright so they not worn, and I expected them to not be worn because they just came out you know I doubt anybody right now you doing some some shady shit where they trying to sneak in you know but whatever so yeah I Got the Royal Ones 1’s , check the other side.. see how thats looking Got My Jordan 3s on , feel me so far, So good you know I would actually Order off of GOAT plenty more times you know… They prices are very reasonable, you know very reasonable, you know…. I live in New York So we have flight club and all that.. But flight club Be Phssss Be Spiking shit up But GOAT is about to be my new Goto Right here So I recommend it guys…. One Last thing forgot to show ya’ll in the app, You gotta Umm after you get your sneakers you gotta ummm, basically confirm that you received as described or whatever the case may be Was Your order Received as described Hit YES Thats THAT, thanks for your purchase Don’t forget to show off your new sneakers using the hashtag GOAT APP… completed


  1. There was no need for an English translator the last 5 seconds of the video. Most on 42nd street know this. 😉 Still, a decent review.

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