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(gentle music) – In the Journalism program especially, a lot of the faculty have been working as journalists in the field, for decades. There’s just a really deep pool of talent in the Journalism program. So it’s been really exciting, getting to work with these people who have so much hands-on experience. – I hope that, through Journalism, they learn how to nurture their curiosity. You know, something
puzzles them or they don’t understand why something is, well then they ask
questions and find out why and I hope that that,
more than anything else, is what they take away
from studying Journalism. Cause it can’t help but
bring you out into the world. – I think this is a really great program and the professors actually care about your work and
they notice your writing and they know that you
need to change some. I think it’s good because
you get the recognition that you need when you’re starting out and they’re current,
they move with the times. – When you enter the program, I think you have to be
ready to engage with people and you shouldn’t be
afraid to be outgoing. So you have to be expected to write, be expected to communicate and just know that the professors
are all here to help you and to teach you and don’t be shy to reach out to them. – Right, and getting out of
your comfort zone for sure. If you’re more of a writing person, you’re gonna have to
learn how to interview, you’re gonna have to
learn how to public speak and if you really like public speaking, there’s a lot of analytical,
long essay type classes that you’re gonna learn how to do that so you can be a well-rounded reporter. – A lot of the faculty
here are really good at establishing connections
between students and employers. – I think differently about students. I think about what they will need to survive in the workplace. My focus is on training
them so that they can get a job in the workplace, with
these skills that I teach. I think there is probably no better time for Journalism now in Journalism Education because journalist today play
a tough and difficult role. But they are more essential than ever, especially in maintaining a democracy. (light music)

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