Purchase College Economics

(upbeat music) – I had never heard of Purchase before and my friend Kristen was
thinking about coming here and so we came here over the summer when no one else was here and just walked around the campus and I just took one step onto this campus and it was like yup, this is it. – So I think a very big part of both my personal temperament
and my style of teaching is just taking the training wheels off. The last few years we’ve spent a lot of effort hiring new faculty and developing new courses which are very unique to Purchase. I teach a course called
Developmental Modern Capitalism which is one of my
favorite courses to teach because what we do is we just study topics that are relevant to modern capitalism. – I’m involved in a lot of clubs here and that really helped me to make friends and Corner Solutions, which is kind of the economics hangout, is my go-to place whenever I’m between classes or anything. There’s just like couches you can nap on and always people to hang out with. – I think we’re sending
wonderful people into the world. So I think your passions and
your interests can change, but if you just get some
very good working habits on how you treat your work,
how you treat yourself, and how you treat the people around you. I think that would generally hold you in very good stand. Purchase is sort of a place where passionate students who are excited about the world that they live in, who really want to make a change, that’s sort of the student
that we usually attract. – The campus is just so
inclusive and friendly and it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’re doing here or what you wanna do after here. Everyone will accept you and that is my favorite
part about Purchase.

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