Purchase College Conservatory of Music

(easy theme music) – So ways in which already I know that Purchase is gonna help prepare me for my future career is working closely with musicians, so you can make those connections already. It’s not going to an established ensemble and having a big enough name to where they want you
to write music for them, instead it’s all of us here building each other up to obtain that level of success. – I love the students at Purchase. They’re the most creative, open-minded, eager to learn, interesting, intelligent, passionate, committed students, and they make such a beautiful community. Our composition program is really a family and we’re all, I don’t
mean it in the wrong way, brutally honest with each other, because we love and respect each other. There’s a lot of trust, a lot of creativity,
good energy, good ethics. – Here I think people
really have a real concern for the wellbeing of the students and the overall mission
of making people feel like it’s okay to be who they are, and to try to perfect that. – I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be a musician and I think Purchase
has definitely helped me know what that means and yeah just how to be a professional. And there are a lot of
things that go into that, like networking, getting to know people, just getting your name out there, and communicating and staying in touch with people. – The need to learn something, to me that’s the best
friend you’ll ever have. (easy theme music)

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