Property Auction with Auctioneer Lorenzo Giunti Laing+Simmons Auctions

I’m Giorgio Vumbaca Laing+Simmons Real Estate Dee Why I’m the principal there
we are at 86 quirk street Dee Why, a lovely block of land 730 square meters facing south we have got north and east views as well, so you can watch the sun rise, the sun set, potential for people who want to live here for a while and rebuild in the future I’m fortunate enough to have met Brian and Freda a lovely couple really want to achieve the best price possible for their property today George Vumbaca is looking after the campaign from Laing and Simmons and he’s done a great job and I’m very happy with him, I think the campaigns going very well, the proof of the pudding will be today. someone here this afternoon will own this lovely home, who would like to go first? one six and forty we have, sixty it is straight back welcome aboard thank you very much at forty we have and sixty at one seven sixty $1760000 last chance and eighty just in time 820 it is forty sixty, eight sixty, eight eighty at 2 million dollars it is now quickly Madame ten? at two million and 20,000 and 40 and 50 and 60 we have duel and two one o five, at two million one hundred and fifteen thousand is the deal, no rush take your time 24 25 and 26 27 at two million 227,000 dollars, last chance quickly at 22 27 twenty-eight at two million two hundred and twenty-eight thousand dollars quickly it is on the market we are selling last call first, second, third and final call, all done all silent, selling! sold to you congratulations you have bought yourself a wonderful home ladies and gentlemen on behalf of Laing and Simmons Dee Why I feel the campaign went very well indeed, especially getting the result we did, we did not expect to get anywhere near that, it went brilliant from day one, and a lot of that had to do with that working with Brian because he totally trusted what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it and our marketing, our videos, our price guides, open homes – he trusted our advice. To a great result, a great result, Thank you George, that was a fantastic result, have a lovely retirement. yeah

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