Product Ideas To Sell On Amazon Tip #45 With Alex Ryan

hey guys our try in here and now if
you’re looking for a product idea this is a product idea that I remember a big
Australian company selling this right so this is selling really well it’s called
a nasal aspirator and snot sucker alright
and I remember reading this story as it is in Australia this lady and basically
invented a new brand of snot sucker so you can put up the baby’s nose and it
sucks to start out right and very basic it’s a very basic product all right so
it’s doing really well enough it’s a simple lightweight is small it’s
actually very quite profitable you can sell it in Australia UK now you still
got to run the numbers as well guys don’t forget there is a bit of a system
involved you want to make sure to make sure that it is do the research you find
out make sure it is trending radio there is steps right you’re gonna find a
supplier over in China we can actually help you with doing that and then the
process to actually listing on Amazon but make sure any product that you look
at you want to make sure it is meeting the specs simple lightweight small
turnover less than 100 reviews right and this is one product that just meets
those specs right snot sucker it can’t really get any simple than that and I
don’t know if you have a baby right now and you know that’s kind of what you
know you may want to look at that right I could a friend of mine actually
mentioned that he you know he had used to date a girl that that had a baby and
he used to get a strop the nose and and suck it up manually right do you want to
do that I personally wouldn’t want to do that but yeah I would rather use this
not sucker so have a look at it if you’re looking for more ideas give us a
call in the office zero to eight thousand three seven five three four I
would love to work with you I’d love to help you get up and running on Amazon
from scratch have a great day

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