(Pro 1) Importing Animations – UMotion Official Tutorials

With UMotion Professional it is possible to import existing animations into a UMotion project. This can be animations created in a 3rd party application, motion captured animations, animations created with Unity’s Animation Window or
animation clips from an existing UMotion project. To import an animation in the Clip Editor,
click on File –>Import Clips. Add as many animation clips as desired to the import list by clicking on “Add Clips”. You can select files with file ending *.anim, any 3D file format supported by Unity or an existing UMotion project. All animation clips found in the selected
file will be added to the import list. Make sure to tick only those that should be imported. Please note that if the UMotion Project is
of type Generic or Legacy, it is not possible to import animations of type humanoid. If the Project is of type Humanoid it is possible to import generic animations though. Please check out the UMotion Manual for a detailed import compatibility overview. By default the “Try Convert to Progressive” setting is enabled. When this setting is enabled, all rotation
properties will be automatically converted to progressive quaternion interpolation if
the conversion is lossless. When the current UMotion project is of type humanoid, there are 2 additional import settings. The “Humanoid Foot IK” and the “Humanoid Hand IK”. These settings enable or disable the Inverse
Kinematics solver for the hands and feet of Mecanim. This feature ensures that hands and feet reach the same position as in the original animation. Thus it avoids hand and foot sliding introduced by different proportions of arms and legs. More information regarding Mecanim Hand and Foot IK can be found in the blog post linked below. By clicking on Import, all selected animations will be imported and added to the current project. A log window displays various log messages. Please note that importing huge humanoid animations can take several minutes.

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