Price of starter homes in America driven up by foreign buyers?

24 comments on “Price of starter homes in America driven up by foreign buyers?

  1. YES! Yes, I’ve been saying this forever. Outlaw this now. Real property should only be available to citizens.

    The USA is not for sale!

  2. DUH~ China has bulk saled many bank owned forclosed properties. They own most of America's real estate after that and Killarys Uranium deal.

  3. Lots of people that don’t seem to be here legally live in dilapidated rental property owned by some company owned in a bigger city with a foreign name.

  4. What a farce that our real estate has become an offshore bank account for foreign buyers. As a society we should be asking ourselves who are the benefactors of this behavior and how does it perpetuate? It is my strong belief the media and real estate industry have long been accomplices with central banks to inflate home prices. I think they realize now they’ve hit a ceiling and the buyers have wised up. I will not buy until we see a liquidity crisis and it’s aftermath. That is the consequence of central banks glutting markets.

  5. Chinese nationals are desperate to get their money out of China. They know the collapse of the Communist Chinese economy is on it's way.

  6. Foreigners are also driving up the cost of Rent . Soon millions more will be added to the list of Homeless . Because the average American paycheck simply will not be able to cover the cost of Renting , much less owning a Home .

  7. Sounds like Vancouver B.C. Billions of illegal Chinese money laundered through the housing market makes it so a shoe box coasts 4.3 million. Wtf Trudeau ? I thought you said you were going to fix that? Mr Trudeau, your a fuck up

  8. Where I'm at, all you see at the public auctions now are people from the Middle-East and India. They will bid more than a property is even worth, just so you can't get it.

  9. At last the truth is being revealed…and our government has allowed this to happen. There are probably federal laws approving this! In other countries…if you are not a citizen…you can't buy a home nor purchase land! How sad!

  10. If Chinese home buyers are causing such market distortions why is it that our laws allow them to continue to buy homes here in the US? Buying a home in the US is not a God given right for the rest of the world or even a part of the world we deem as not desirable.

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