Preparing To Sell Your Home Fast. The 3 D’s – De-clutter, Deep Clean, & De-personalize.

– Hi, I’m Kathryn with
Kathryn Harbour Real Estate. If you’re thinking about
putting your home on the market, this process takes thought and planning, plus a little elbow grease at least if you want
to get the best price. The steps to take are easy to
remember with the three D’s. Start by de-cluttering. Put away out of place items
and clear up those things you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Moving is the perfect time to let them go. Next, you’ll give your
home a thorough cleaning. This is the second D, deep clean. To make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers, be sure to clean all the
way into the corners. Watch our longer Pre-sale Prep video for tips on what and how to clean. Now that you’ve cleared
out and cleaned up, it’s time to implement the
third D, de-personalize. This is where your home
turns into what a buyer could imagine being theirs. Put away photos and knickknacks, and make your home a blank canvas. This all leads to the fun
part, staging your home. Our next video will
give you tips on exactly what it takes to stage a
home for photos and viewing. You’ll find more tips on
simplifying the process of home selling in the rest
of our seller series videos, which you’ll find on our website. At Kathryn Harbour Real Estate we make the complicated simple for you.

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