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When you’re looking to purchase a home
it’s a good idea to consider having a building inspection done on the property. Hi I’m Marie McWilliam a real estate agent with Harcourts Williams property.
In these videos I look at all things real estate. Having a pre-purchase
inspection is in some cases an easy decision to make as a home may have some really obvious issues, in other cases there may be underlying issues which
aren’t as easily seen. Building inspection is going to help you know the
true condition of the property and are a useful tool in helping you assess
whether the property you’re thinking about buying is representing fair market
value based on its condition. An inspection will help you look at the
costs associated with any repairs and use that information to factor those
costs into any offer you make on the property. The building inspection should
cover the building from top to bottom and some of the more common issues they identify are faulty roof structures, rising damp internal cracking and dampness issues in bathrooms caused by cracked or faulty plumbing or poor drainage.
Generally a good building inspector will include information on whether these
faults are caused by normal wear and tear or whether there’s faulty
workmanship. Some will even provide detailed information on how these faults
can be repaired and an estimate of cost of repairs. Depending on the inspector a
check for pest damage may be carried out, although most times they’ll recommend
that a qualified pest inspector should be employed. The cost of building and
pest inspections vary from state to state and given your new home will cost
well into the hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars it’s a
small price to pay for peace of mind and ultimately a lot less expensive than
buying a home that needs extensive repairs you aren’t expecting or prepared
for. A pre-purchase building inspections focus is mainly on structure and
condition of the improvements. It should have an overview of the structural
condition and list of any necessary repairs. This is
where you’ll find out exactly what needs to be done to bring the building up to
where you’d like it to be as a result you’ll be able to put together a
comprehensive budget for any urgent repairs. Other things it should cover
are electrical wiring and smoke alarm tests, identification of any unsafe areas
such as the presence of asbestos and cracks in walls, the evaluation of
external structures such as sheds, veranda’s and pergolas. A building
inspection usually takes somewhere between one and three hours depending on the size of the property. Once the inspector has completed the assessment they should provide a written report with photos of their findings for your
reference and most inspections can be carried out prior or during the two day
cooling-off period and most agents are very happy to provide access to the
property during this time. Thank you for watching the video and if you have any
comments or questions pop them in the comments section below.

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