[PIT STOP in Japan’s Auction – Episode 10] – JDM and Classic Cars

Hello, My name is Miguel from Jimex and today we came to one of the biggest auction houses in Japan. And I will show you the sports and classic cars, which we ship more frequently to your markets and your Regions. Let’s go to have a look at them. This is the first car I want to show you, it is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7. It is similar units of many of you have been asking me for. This is a rank 4 car. It means the car is in a great and optimal operation conditions. It has many extras. We can see a Luxury Sport wheels. We also can see an spoiler on the back of the car. We can also see Sports chairs. This car is in a great condition, never crashed or replace any of it parts. That’s why it is a rank four. This is one of the most best selling cars to Latin America and also to Spain. As we can see the car has very clean Interiors, the rank for these Interiors is B. The auction price for this unit is between USD 8500 to USD 9000 Dollars, and it will be depend on the mileage it has. This is the second car I want to show you, this is an Impreza STI , the rank of this car is 4, it means this car has an amazing conditions, exteriors and Interiors. It is full of extras and it is a car which Latin American Markets really likes. Let’s go to see how the engine of this beauty sounds…. This Beautiful car has a blue color Interiors, wonderful condition, keeping a sportive design which is great. It Is a fast unit with spacious, it is ideal for the most demanding roads. It engine is 2000cc, 6 speeds manual transmission, beautiful main board, sportive details, entertainment and navigation equipment with the most modern technology. So hello, we arrive to the moment for the classics, and I want to show you a Mini Cooper in a great conditions Let’s go have a look The Mini Cooper is a car which most identifies the Great Britain, and its synonym of quality and versatility. As you can see this is a beautiful car, it is a rank 4 and almost all it parts are original. Let’s go to try to have a look inside This car has a great interior, it has an automatic transmission, and its handle is the original one and it is moving by petrol Also, it is very well conserved. Let’s go to try it engine The classic details of the mini are perfect for the lovers of sobriety and elegance of the English cars. Despite this car is a small it is spacious and cozy It keeps unique details, like the original rims, Features of the mini family. It has a Classic boot of this kind of models, with it, there is road equipment included. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and that you have found it useful Please give us a like, follow us in social media, and please comment. And I will stay here feeling me very big, next to this Little Wonder bye-bye

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