16 comments on “Paul Walker Collection in Scottsdale at Barrett-Jackson Auction

  1. 21 vehicles!!! Never knew he had so many! Still it's always sad that he passed away!! Rest in peace Paul Walker!! No one can replace you in fast and furious franchise playing Brian O'Connor!!!! Once a Toretto always a Toretto!

  2. I was there on Saturday and I finally saw a very rare and true numbers matching 1969 Pontiac Trans Am white with blue stripes and next to it was another extremely rare Trans Am, 1974 with also numbers matching SD 455!! I have never seen such quality in vehicles from Mustangs, Camaro's, Corvettes, Chargers, Cuda's, Firebirds, and old school hot rods, from 40's Willys, 50's cars and trucks. The selection of 60's, 70's, and 80's lifted 4×4 trucks was beyond impressive!!!

  3. God he killed me describing the vehicles… just because it has one seat doesn’t mean it’s fast. Also, all the BMWs are different years. I think five of them are Lightweights as well. That 370z was in the fast five movie with a little over 2,000 original miles on it.

  4. @1:04 that Toyota Tacoma was purchased from Bob Smith Toyota and i was there when i ran into him and took a picture with my family, but that photo is no where to be found unfortunately.

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