Optus Wholesale support BTB Wholesale

Optus Wholesale has been in the
wholesale market supporting our customers now for in excess of 20 years
by working with partners who create and innovate and come up with new solutions
and services we get to address a much broader cross-section of the marketplace
BTB Wholesale builds wholesale businesses we provide all the services
enabling people to enter the telco market so, be that customer service, debt
collection, provisioning, tech support network design, everything. Ultimately
provide the products as well being everything from an NBN Service ADSL
through to MPLS networks so someone to enter the market and provide telco
services we do all the back-end and allow them to ultimately become a telco very
quickly. We’ve been working with BTB Wholesale now for approximately 10 years they’ve been a key partner for us in addressing a number of market segments
particularly with our mobile product as a MVNO partner and also offering our
fixed and also consumer services Optus Wholesale has helped our company by giving us a full range. Optus Wholesale provide us NBN, Ethernet via fibre,
Ethernet over copper, CTS services the full gamut. Our partnership with Optus helps us reach more customers by allowing us to access the 121 employees
of the NBN without having to build the backhaul on the infrastructure that
ultimately gets us to the customer with a lot lower investment so with all those
products and the way they deliver them to us I only ask to be flexible allows
us to build unique products and provide to our customers. The vision for
BTB Wholesalers to retain our customers for life so it’s hard finding customers
and acquiring customers for our resellers so we worked really hard by
developing our products our systems and our people to ensure that we provide the
highest levels of service. We’ve got a very clear vision and strategy to be the
wholesale provider of choice, we’ve got a number of key projects that are going to
help us execute on that by helping BTB identify market opportunities enhances
our business and also enhances theirs We want to win in the NBN market and we
want to win in the off-net provider market

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