Online Silent Auction Software

Hi have you met Jenny? She’s the best event manager in town up to speed with the latest techniques in know-how she specializes In holding auctions for her charities if you’re thinking about the old school paper bid sheet auctions think again Because all Jenny needs to do is hold an online in multiple auction through her phone, and you see the best platform available charity auctions today Charity auctions today is the ultimate platform for raising money for schools and nonprofit organizations through multiple devices Setting up a mobile option through the platform is easy Affordable and as quick as it gets just follow the auction wizard and fill in the necessary details Enhance the look and feel of the auction page with the design editor and include appropriate features logos descriptions and images list down the items and manage the listing type pricing catalog numbers and their parameters and Launch your auction to the world through embeddable links social media and even run your auction through your facebook page at the end of the auction process Automatically receive the auction payouts in as little as 48 hours with bidders making payments from practically anywhere The best part is that Jenny can keep more of the money? She raised by using charity auctions today with free customer service as an added perk like Jenny You can now easily create and conduct your own online and mobile auctions with charity auctions today Sign up and run a free auction today

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