NO BUY YEAR, LOW BUY CHALLENGE » How to do it right (No Spend 2020)

If you’re doing, or considering doing, a no buy year, low buy challenge, or no spend 2020, then this video is perfect for you. I’m gonna go over everything you need to know so you can succeed in your challenge and feel good doing it. I see so many people starting these challenges, and they can be absolutely amazing. But there’s also a few pitfalls. And if you’re not careful about them, then you could be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. So let’s discuss them, so you can set yourself up for success instead. No spend challenges can be perfect if you want to break patterns, stop shopping or just spend less and save more. Become more intentional with shopping. They can also help you to start minimalism, or take your minimalist lifestyle to the next step. And they can help you to change your relationship with shopping and things in general. Become calmer, happier and also more creative with finding solutions that do not require you to spend any money. In this video I’m gonna go over a different types of challenges and the differences between them. And I’ll help you to decide which type of challenge would be best for you. As well as how long would be a good challenge for you. I’m also gonna give you a lot of tips to make it easier to stick to, as well as pitfalls to look out for and how to avoid them. Lastly, how to make the most out of your challenge so you can reap the most benefits. If you’re new to Simple Happy Zen, I make weekly videos about minimalism, intentional living, happiness and self-development. So consider subscribing if you are interested. And let’s dive right into the video. So first Let’s discuss the different types of minimalism challenges, or no spent challenges that are out there. And the different rules to each of them. So you can decide which one would be good for you. First off, there is the no buy challenge or no buy year. No buy month, etc. The main point here is that you challenge yourself not to spend any money on anything during a certain period of time. Except for the essential items and replacements of items that are needed or important to you. So, of course, it’s impossible not to spend any money. We still need to basics like groceries and stuff. Sometimes an item will also need a replacement, so there’s that too. But this challenge will then make it so you don’t spend any money on non-essential items during this timeframe. Since this is a pretty extreme version of the challenge, most people do it for a slightly shorter period of time. So let’s say a no-buy month for example, but there’s also people maybe who have embraced minimalism a long time ago who are doing a no-buy year. Then there’s the low buy challenge or low buy month low buy year, etc. And this is a bit less extreme than the no buy challenge. So therefore it is often done for a longer period of time, up to an including a year, or sometimes even longer. The rules can vary, but they usually include a set amount of maximum items that are non-essential that you are allowed to buy within that certain time frame. Or a certain amount of money that you are allowed to spend on non-essential items during that time frame. So sort of like a budget. So let’s say that clothing or beauty products is an issue for you. Then you could say that you are allowed to buy 5 pieces of clothing this year. That are not replacements of stuff you already have, so basically non-essential clothing items. Or you are allowed to spend a certain amount of money on beauty products etc. Then there’s the categorical no buy challenge, where it only applies to certain categories of items that you set for yourself. And this can be great if you want to start embracing minimalism in different parts of your life, and maybe challenge yourself in that area. Or if you are having an issue with a certain category of items that you find it very difficult not to spend so much money on. So this can be books, clothing, beauty items, but also think about things like eating out, or getting coffee to go. Have you done any of these challenges yourself or are you doing one right now? And what are the rules that you set for yourself? Let me know in the comments. Now which of these challenges would be perfect for you depends on a few things. And there is first of all your personality. I think this one is the most important to think about. Because some people perform better in the gray areas. Whereas others they like it more when it’s really black and white and the rules are very clear. I have personally never done a no-buy challenge before, because I like things to be gradual and I have no problem with nuances. But because I have been living a minimalist lifestyle for so long I have kind of been on a continual low buy. And I don’t really need a lot of rules and structures right now. But a few years ago and I was spending way too much money on clothing I did decide on a clothing budget for a year for myself and that really helped me to break patterns and cut my shopping way down. If you’re struggling with spending less, and you’re more of an all-or-nothing kind of person, then a no-buy would probably be best for you. Because the rules are super clear, what’s allowed and what’s not. And if you are doing this for the first time, I recommend doing it for a period of one month to start. Or if this is really new to you, and it’s really challenging, even try just doing one week. This is difficult but achievable and it will give you a great sense of accomplishment. If you like things to be a bit more free and less strict, then a low-buy challenge would probably be better for you. Since this type of challenge is easier to stick to, you could try doing a low buy year for example. With low buys there are a few important things to keep in mind, in order to help yourself succeed, and I will get to those later in the video. And lastly, if you are mostly struggling with a certain area of spending money, then a categorical no buy would be best. So for example if you know that your bathroom is overflowing with beauty products, and you know that you will easily last a year with what you have in there, then you can make it a rule that you are not allowed to buy any new beauty products this year. And the same goes with books, clothing music, games, or things like eating out getting coffee to go. And this type of challenge also works great if you set it to a year. Now let’s discuss some of the pitfalls that you could encounter during your no spend and of course how you can avoid them. So you will not set yourself up for failure. Pitfall number one is not being clear enough with yourself. If you want to do this right It is so important to be very clear on what you will and will not allow yourself to buy or spend money on. So I would advise to just sit down and make a short list. It does not have to be complicated or take long, with your rules that you have set for yourself. Things to include are the type of challenge you want to do, the amount of time, so write down the start and finish date. Exactly which items are and are not allowed, how to deal with possible gray areas such as gifts, gift cards, birthdays etc. And if applicable, budget or a max amount of things. And of course feel free to include your own. Also something to think about that you could include on your list is where you want to look for the items that you are allowed to buy. So let’s say that you find you need a new pair of jeans. Then maybe it could be a rule that you have to see if you can swap the item first, or get it second hand. Before you look for one new. Or only shop from ethical and sustainable brands, things like that. Another rule could be that you are not allowed to buy anything online, if online shopping is a trigger for you. That you have to go to a physical store. Or the other way around. So write down these things to help yourself succeed. Pitfall number two is not including others in your goal. So if possible, try to tell the people around you what you’re doing and why. For example, if you have a shopping buddy It’s gonna be really tricky to go to the mall with them as usual and then not buy anything yourself. Also, if you include others they could help to keep you motivated and on track. So whenever possible especially with immediate family and friends, try to tell them what you’re doing and why. Pitfall number three is to try and be a superhero. You don’t want to go too hard too fast. if you are new to minimalism, new to spending less money, new to budgeting. then give yourself something short and sweet first. A challenge that you can stick to. So that you will succeed, and that will motivate you to maybe try something else a bit more challenging. If you want to go from 0 to 100… then there’s a good chance that you’ll get stuck and demotivated along the way. And pitfall number four is approaching a no spend challenge like a diet. We know that diets don’t really work because it’s not something that people can keep up in the long run. And most people who lose weight with dieting they end up gaining it back and then even more. And it’s the same with these types of challenges. So they are great for breaking patterns, trying something new, and challenging yourself. But ultimately they need to lead to something that you can keep doing forever and ever, because it really makes you happy. So don’t approach them as a punishment, or it’s just a quick fix to a deeper problem. But let them kick start your new healthy relationship with shopping instead. Now for some tips to make the most out of your no spend challenge, or low by year or whichever challenge you decided on for yourself. The first is as simple as having a short list of questions in your wallet at all times. So you can use them whenever you are thinking about making a purchase. And questions could be things like Is this item high quality? Will I get a lot of use out of this? Etc. And if you want more inspiration, then you can watch this video. I recommend it, with ten of my best questions to ask yourself before you buy something. Second… take a moment to think about your problem areas. Already think of some things you can do whenever they come up. For example peer pressure, or shopping when you’re sad, or shopping online when you’re bored, or if you’re really tired just going out to eat Instead of making something for yourself. These types of things will come up during your challenge. Snd it can really help wonders if you have already thought about them, and have written down some strategies that can help you. You could think about ways to decrease the temptation for yourself of buying something new. For example you are not allowed to use your credit cards or only taking a set amount of cash with you when you go out. And if you want more inspiration like this, I recommend watching this video for how to stop shopping and start saving. There’s a lot more tips there. Another good thing to think about is to stop following people, accounts, companies that make you want to go out shopping. So opt out of newsletters for your favorite store for a while. Stop following people who share clothing hauls, things like that. And also it can be so valuable to keep in mind for yourself why you are doing this. What are your goals? Maybe you want to save up for something specific, like buying a house, or a car or taking a trip. Maybe you just want to feel better about yourself. Maybe you want to pay back debt. So whatever your goal is, keep it in mind and remind yourself of it regularly, to help keep you motivated and stay on track. Lastly, if you have a certain routine, or a beauty regime that you really love doing and that makes you happy… There’s no need to give it up because you’re doing a no spend. So if you like getting your nails done or your hair done or getting a pedicure or going to a cafe in your one free hour of the day to order a really nNice cup of coffee, or what if it makes you happy. Then you can set a rule for yourself that you are allowed to keep doing it. And there’s no need to cut that out of your spending simply because you’re doing a no spend type of challenge. Of course if it’s a routine that doesn’t make you happy, and it’s simply more of a habit that you have gotten into pretty mindlessly… then yes, it could be a good idea to cut that out. No buy year, low buy challenge, no spend month.. Whatever it is that you are doing or want to do. Please remember that it’s very personal. And you are allowed to make your own rules. Just keep what works for you and leave what doesn’t. And help yourself out in this way. If you enjoyed this video, found it valuable Please show your support by giving it a thumbs up. And subscribe to the channel because there really helps with the algorithm. And will help this video reach more people. Right here I have a video about 14 ways I save money with minimalism. And right here is minimalist habits you can start doing today. As always, questions, comments, conversations down below. Thanks again for joining me again, and I’ll see you next week Bye bye!

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  1. Would you rather do a no-buy or a low-buy? 👇👇👇
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  2. I have been following my "low-buy" rule for the past 3 months, and although it's difficult initially, "limited buying" has now become my new habit! Ironically I do feel more at ease, contrary to what "retail therapy" is supposed to do for me. Going to keep going! 😉

  3. Only buy what I need and like.
    Being on a good Swiss pension,
    feel there is no need to save.
    Living slowly and minimally
    is right up my street.

  4. I love getting these videos on Saturday mornings bc they motivate me to not buy un-needed stuff on the weekend. Thank you Vera! PS: I would like to see a video on your thoughts about eating out at restaurants or fast food places.

  5. When I make my budget for the year, I outline what I am allowed to spend on; I have to pass on everything else. I find the rebel in me doesn’t do well with ‘don’t do this’ challenges. Instead, I find much more success when I tell myself what I can spend on.
    Great video, Vera! ❤️❤️

  6. Thanks for this video!! I'm new on budgeting! I'm just setting up a budget planner for the first time in my life and want to try one of these challenges too. 😘

  7. Good video as always Vera 😀
    I think I’ll do a rolling monthly challenge starting Feb 1st.
    Books: I’m not allowed to buy any more new – I’ll use the library much more, and I can buy from charity shops if it’s a specific one I want.
    Clothes: none allowed.
    Cups of tea etc when I’m out – only socially, not when I’m alone.
    Fabric & thread – none allowed.
    Gosh that’s a lot!
    I’d better write down this list before I forget it!

  8. Committing to a year is setting yourself up to fail. I think starting with a month is more realistic.

    Otherwise great tips. I’m starting my month of no spend except necessities in Feb

  9. A couple of years ago I did a no-buy challenge for clothes where I didn't buy any clothes for a year. It was surprisingly easy. I also do a permanent low-buy challenge for books b/c I want to go to the library as much as possible. When you learn that it isn't essential to own the book you've read and bringing it back to the library won't change your reading experience, even that is quite easy. Even if you love books more than any other item.

  10. I'm doing a low buy challenge this year. I recently got rid of 90% o my wardrobe and I am only allowing myself to buy used clothing this year, and I'm trying to have a minimalist capsule wardrobe. I still need a few of the basics to complete that…but Really don't want to get to the point I was at with shopping and amount of clothes I own. I only am allowing new items for things like, jeans if I cannot find my size anywhere, and all undergarments can be new…but I am keeping as few of these items as I can while being hygienic and I don't think I will need to buy any this year. i'm attempting to be more sustainable, ethical and mindful when I do shop. i am allowing zero waste swaps for things as well because in time these things pay for themselves. I have been trying to quit buying so much on amazon specifically! For many reasons. The only things I have bought on there so far this year are a hamper and some items for my baby I couldn't find near me (He has some specific dietary and skin things..) I am really excited and I feel so good doing this so far. I hope I can stick to it.

  11. I started a no buy month on the 1st Jan and have found it easier than I expected… although I had bought a few things at the end of December so it's not that long ago, lol. I do really want a take away dinner! I have found I have more time on the weekend and less stress because I'm not catching the bus to my favourite shopping places to spend a few hours shopping. Doing a major declutter last year changed my mindset and I want to bring less 'stuff' into my home anyway. I am trying to decide if I want to try and continue the no buy or switch to a low buy month next because I really do want that take away for dinner 🙂

  12. Nice video!

    I'm having a no-buy year for clothes after discovering how much money I spent on clothing last year (it was generally not impulsive spending, well-researched and of good quality, but was still too much money none-the-less).
    The rules are simple- I'm not spending any money on clothing except on replacing essentials. When I make those purchases I will also consider second-hand where appropriate. If not then it must be good quality, buying poor quality just means more waste in the long run. I've also created and printed off a table that I will write in when I DO spend money on clothes, where I will write what I bought, how much it was and my reason for buying it (for example, buying new work shoes because I have worn through my old pair).
    I've decided to also include jewellery and bags in my no-buy, I don't spend much money on these anyway but they are not essential and I already have what I need.

    I am also having a low-buy year on books, I own a lot that I want to read but have not finished, or even started. So I will not buy a book unless I have already read what I own on that topic.

    Finally I'm having a low-buy year on food purchased at work, although I've already been building a low-buy habit in this area for some time so it isn't too much of a challenge so far.

    I'm one of those black and white people. Grey areas give me too much leeway for undermining what I want to accomplish, I find working in absolutes much easier. It's too easy to come up with good reasons to buy something!

    My motivation for this is to clear debt, which is my priority, and to also save up for a short holiday abroad with friends in October.

    Good luck to everyone also doing no- and low-buy challenges! 😀

  13. Every year since I stream games I started a no-game-buying policy on the first of November with the idea to keep it going as long as possible because a) I want to save money, b) get stressed of having too many options and c) my backlog is so large I could play on for 10 years.
    This time it works so well that I stopped buying other things as well, so for almost 3 months now I did not buy a single game but also nothing else outside of medical needs and of course basic life supplies.
    The longer it works, the stronger the feeling of achievement and relaxation becomes, so I am not quitting now!
    Thank you very much for your empowering and yet friendly video Vera, you are the best.

  14. Excellent video. And I got a lot of good ideas from the comments too. I have been on a No-Buy Life for two years now. I buy only what I need. The money I have saved shocked me and has paid for me to do interesting things that I never thought possible, and also to be able to give freely to others when I see a need. I want even fewer things, not more. I sometimes wonder, Where are all the things I've owned in my life?–in landfills, of course. Such a waste. No more.

  15. I'm doing a low buy challenge. I don't want to completely stop buying new clothes as I would be setting myself up to fail. So I have set rules that any clothing purchases must be intentional, needed, not fast fashion, and natural fibres. This has dramatically cut down my purchases. Just giving me 24 hours to think about purchases is often enough to realise I don't need the item.

  16. I have been a buyer of a daily takeaway coffee("one large flat white with an extra shot, please") for many years. The cumulative cost to my pocket and the environment with all those disposable cups😥. Recently thought it through, I had instant coffee at home but preferred the real coffee. I now no longer buy instant coffee. I bought a small french press and a small manual coffee grinder. I make my own healthier coffee a t home, have one at home and one to go in my own mug. It's so delicious and much more frugal. I love my coffee!! This worked for me! Small investment to start!

  17. In general,I buy nothing but food. I keep track of clothes,shoes,etc that are wearing out.About once per month I travel to the nearest city and buy things I have to replace,as well as splurging on myself(all within a budget of about one hundred dollars CA,including fuel to get to and from the city)

  18. A friend of mine has the rule to buy choclate only Fair Trade. This way she eats less (because more expensive) and supports FairTrade. Think such challenges are a good idea, but I am on the opposite of the sheme and think to much about purchases… I am only replacing things and often not even that. Actually I have a problem with laundry because I replaced no underwear for years…

  19. I am combining low buy with categorical no buy to help myself grow in the areas I want to. Agree with you on the need for clear rules!

  20. Perfect timing as I had bought very little other than essential items since the beginning of 2020 as I'm saving for a special event, but I was unsure as to exactly what I was going to stop buying or buy less of and how long for. This has really helped, thank you!

  21. I'm currently doing a "no buy" for stationery and hobby supplies for the rest of January and February, my spending in that area got a bit out of hand lately. It will be nice getting a reset.

  22. Hey! Vera! I did just that i bought replacement stuff. I needed a new chlothes hamper and a new chlothes liner to hang my chlothes. And my old ones will be thrown away. I recycle ofcourse! And i have stopped buying stuff just to buy them to make myself happy. And it feels so much better. Not spending money on needles things. Love your videos they really help, and minimalism is awesome. .. Wow the freedom ahhh simple happy zen. 😉👍🏼🙂

  23. I failed this month on the no spending plan. 😒 So I'm writing a list so I can see it everyday to remind myself for February.

  24. Many times lately I've wanted to buy something but I've waited and then waited some more and 9 times out of 10 I've been glad I didn't buy the thing and the urge has passed. My weakness is duvet covers and cushions. I decided if I do buy something I have to let something else go. This month I bought nothing (other than food) up until yesterday when I saw I lovely linen set on clearance and couldn't resist! I feel good about it though because it really was a treat as the only unnecessary purchase of the month 🙂 xx

  25. I'm happy what I learn about minimalist, you help me why just now I found your Chanel. Some of rules you give I follow like one in one out no to freebies, last Xmas i receive a branded bag, but I give back to her as a gift I tell her I appreciate the bag but I can't use it because she give me bag before and tell her about practicing minimalist and she understand, thank you zen. And I'm doing already the no spend challenge, only buy the essential but not all, essential that I need, and feel happy now about my things I have no stress, love it.

  26. Low buy, last year. Trying no buy for February. Trying to use my fabric/craft stash. Will only buy replacement clothing and shoes.

  27. Love this! Definitely keen to do a no spend month this year. I have already started a cash envelope system to stick to a spending budget.

  28. I recently started print on demand business. Actually one week ago. I sell my design on Teespring. No buy or low buy challenge is a huge threat for me right now. The more people participate this challenge, the less opportunity I have to survive in this field. I am just a newbie. I'll see what happens.

  29. Its 25 days into the new year, I failed, I bought pants that I needed But I also got a pair of awesome boots and a couple of staple pieces, a plain black shirt and a white button up shirt. I did not need the boots but they are a tan tall boot with buckles and a zipper on the in-seam, plus they fit perfect, I found them at a thrift store, I normally don't even buy shoes there i am weak. I was there for a couple pair of pants. I know my weakness.

  30. Hi Vera, I am definitely staying away from just buying anything to feel better. Whether it's consignment, food or new online. Just the necessities. Also, I look at it like, only to replace certain items if they really need to be. A longer coat is wanted in the future to be current. I've been doing great the last year on decluttering. So true, no need to waste anymore time or money. Less taxi cabs, more public transportation. The money goes towards dinner out. Enjoying Brit box in for entertainment. Plus, it's been about 5 months that I've stop purchasing cookies, less sugars, Yippy.😊 My goal is to join an entrepreneurship program and take a few days holiday. Thanks. A low buy year sounds perfect.🇺🇸⛄❄☔

  31. i have started a no buy 6 months this year.. i am not allowed to buy anything apart from essentials. i don't need anything from clothes to books candles etc.. so this is acceptable for me. i am using up what i already have , read books that been on my shelf for years etc .. 🙂

  32. I'm doing a low buy year. I have only bought an eyeliner this month. I did not own one so I thought it was okay. I don't want to restrict myself too much but I have a strict budget that I follow and I hope it will work. I'm saving for something big so I think that really works.

  33. It's a no buy year for me, I allow myself too much on a low buy.. My exceptions are travel, e-books and when something gets used up. Clothes and shoes have never been my weakness, everything in my wardrobe fits a lot better now after surgery. I've done a no buy year on clothes before, and extended it by another year. Beauty products were my biggest downfall.. But now that I don't mindlessly scroll online shops anymore, I have a lot more time to read and focus on personal growth.
    Thank you for another great video Vera, and perfect timing too. The year only just started and if i find myself struggling, I'll definitely come back here.
    And if I can do this for a year, I can keep this up for the rest of my life..

  34. I work part time so I have to get by with 300 euros per month. I'm lucky enough to have my own place to live, plus my master's degree is free. I only spend money for food (vegan & 80% wholefoods) and birthday gifts for friends. I have enough clothes, shoes etc.. the only thing I shop new is Lush xD it's an ethical company and I really love soaps, so it's difficult to resist lol. So my goal is to only buy one item per month, and only if it is really worth it. Oh, I also want to get less takeaway, even if its' cheap. I've managed to get it down to 1/week, my next goal is one time every two weeks 🙂

  35. I like the challenges you bring up and thoughts and questions to ask yourself. I am doing a no-buy year (excluding food and replacing essential items). While I do want to save money, my main goal is to not bring additional items into the house. I like to simplify my life and don't want to have to deal with additional things that need a place, care, cleaning etc. Simplifying my wardrobe has made it very easy to get dressed in the morning. Every item of clothing I own fits well and suits my style. This year I want to simplify the kitchen, bathroom and office. I rather have very few good quality items that I love, than buying lots of cheap stuff that clutters up the house.

  36. Although I do not shopping that much for saving some money, I now startet a low buy year. For me, that means not buying more than one new item a month (or in sum 12 a year), excluding 2nd hand Items, gifts for other people and some materials for do it yourself. I always try to get things I need second hand first.

  37. This is an excellent video Simple Happy Zen! I had no idea you can do like a limit of five new apparrel items that you do not own already, or decorating household limit of $150, or no buying coffee out at coffee shops etc. I am planning on a no buy year so I can put the money in my investment account. 👍🏻
    But I will rewatch your video a few time and figure out 2020 goals. Thank you ! Shared on FB. Shared with my daughter who enjoys shopping online, coffeeshops, and eating establishments. ❤😍✈

  38. Vera!
    Thank you. This was so informative and relatable! I am deffinetly embarking on a low buy intentional pit-fall proactive plan. Lol. Thank you for helping up with details and setting us up to suceed. I love your videos and your advice so much.
    Take care!

  39. I will start slow and go with the low buy. I'm still in the declutter stage. This has been very overwhelming but thank you for your videos they have helped me a lot. Let's see how my journey goes, I'm so excited 🙂

  40. New subbie here, so happy I found your videos. First thing is I will unsubscribe from beauty influencers that seem to be just one long advertisement for makeup and will keep the ones that are instructional. No more impulse buying lip products for at least a year and only shop thoughtfully for myself/ gifts,. hoSuld be an interesting year, thinking of everything I purchase or put in the cart…hum…will be watching your videos for inspiration and strength. Thank you!!!!!

  41. Starting a no buy February ♥️ nothing that's not essential doing it with my husband soo excited to see what we figure out for valentine's day!

  42. I started a fb group and everyone has their own rules! I agree can’t always cut everything out at once and it’s good to do what makes you happy 😊

  43. I started a fb group and everyone has their own rules! I agree can’t always cut everything out at once and it’s good to do what makes you happy 😊

  44. I started a fb group and everyone has their own rules! I agree can’t always cut everything out at once and it’s good to do what makes you happy 😊

  45. I started a fb group and everyone has their own rules! I agree can’t always cut everything out at once and it’s good to do what makes you happy 😊

  46. I decided that this year I won't buy any clothes for myself – I looked through my wardrobe and there are way too many clothes. I've already donated some, I try to wear the ones I haven't worn in years. There is one thing that I will need which is a spring jacket, because the one I've had for years is already worn out, and it will be the only thing I will buy. I also plan to have a NO-SPEND-MONTH, I'll see how it turns out 🙂

  47. I did a low buy year last year… focused on what we really needed. I started decluttering and minimizing. This year I will try a no-buy year. I will resist all impulse buys (i.e. Amazon shopping). Only minimal toiletries for myself and necessary things.

    It is liberating to KNOW that I don't need to waste my time shopping for stuff because I have more than I need. And my journey to minimalism has made life easier. I don't need to waste time looking for things. I know what I have and where it is!
    Good luck everyone!

  48. Hi Vera and subscribers!! I've been in a low buy stage for many years but in 2020 I will be much more strict by implementing a NO EATING OUT YEAR (except for b-days), No buying cheap coffee year, No buy clothes year (again) , No buy used books year and an essential buy make up year ( I got lots for Christmas!!)

  49. I’m currently doing a no-spend challenge for January and I am loving it so much, I’m continuing it into February too! It’s allowed me to actually see what I really NEED to buy, as normally I’d just buy whatever catches my fancy. An unintended (but welcome) side effect of the no buy challenge is that I’m losing weight, so I know I’m going to have to budget to buy replacement clothing in the coming months. My goal this year is to buy my clothing secondhand and, if that’s not available, curate a capsule wardrobe of ethically made pieces 😊

  50. I really love your video's! With a lot of Youtubers I watch some of the uploads, but with you, I watch each and everyone of them, because I know I'll find them really interesting and put together really nice. So everytime you recommend other video's of you, I know I have seen them already 🙂

  51. I’m trying my hand with Scentsy, I love the products but I feel I have to buy so much like everyone else, and I can’t afford all the extras just to give away and get nothing in return. A lot of my customers are watching their money, and if it’s not necessary, they don’t want to buy anything. I know advertising is important to let people know what’s available, what’s on sale etc etc, but it gets to be overwhelming! The one gal that signed up the same time as myself, buys everything and there’s no way I can keep up, but I don’t want to seem like I’m not trying. And I’m not the type to shove anything at people, i give the catalogues to customers and if they’d like something from our catalogue then by all means let me know how I can help. I don’t like pressure to buy something so I certainly won’t do it to others. So I’m cutting way back on buying a lot of advertising flyers etc and certainly no warmers, I have enough! And my boyfriend and I are really going to be watching what we spend. Hopefully this will be a better year financially!! ❤️❤️

  52. These challenges combined with my meditation has made me so mindful of my spending and WHY I do it when I really NEED nothing besides basics like food. Online shopping is my downfall combined with boredom or depression, feeling that empty feeling has put me in debt so many times. Then I move houses or apartments and declutter and watch all that stuff given away or thrown out. It always I will buy just this one thing then stop. It an addiction I am certain as withdrawal is painful. I cancelled all subscription boxes and will not renew ones I have. How many damn candles and bath salts does a person need lol. I watched some unboxing videos today of stuff I didn’t buy and realized I not missing anything. It all sad really because people become serious hoarders and in big debt for what is mostly unused and unneeded junk that will pile up in a landfill eventually making them miserable in process.

  53. Did lots of buying in the last month, replacing my old clothes. Guess I've burst my full year budget haha. Will probably do a categorise low buy challenge as I've certainly have stuff to minimise spending.

  54. Hi Vera I have found by continuing with the de cluttering I definitely have been buying less ! as I now know what I actually have ?? It’s not about depriving ourselves its about moderation and appreciating what we already have more ❤️ inspiring video 🤗

  55. Started no-buy for month of January but it turned into a low-buy. I'm still very pleased how things are going and have avoided ordering take-out twice with co-workers and ate the healthy food I packed from home. I'll also be doing a no buy again in March with Sarah @Abundantly Minimal.

  56. woooww heyy vera.. while watching the video at 7:39 there comes hindu god ganesha. loved his statue.and love from india as well.😘

  57. I'm on a total financial diet right now. No non essential spending (not even replacements). It is from January 15 to March 15. No spending on any stuff or eating out (unless for someone's birthday). I did break it slightly as my phone has a broken screen and my carrier is running a sale on screen replacement. I ended up buying a screen protector with a gift card (which they will install for me). My goal is to try and max out a retirement contribution without tapping into a small inheritance I received. Bills, food, and transportation are allowed.

    I'm doing a low buy for beauty products in 2020. 10 non replacement items including makeup, skincare, haircare, soap, etc. My replacement rules are they have to be apples to apples replacement (don't replace mascara with lipstick) and I can't have backups (ie not buying shampoo if I have another bottle in the bathroom). I'm aiming to use up a lot of beauty products.

  58. Thanks for this great video! I’m starting no buy year for clothes now. ( not spending at all on clothes, shoes,bags and accessories for 365 days) My aim is to evaluate what I really need in terms of clothing; wear my existing items more creatively; build a solid capsule wardrobe; not supporting fast fashion anymore; saving money and resources/time. The real temptation for me is online shopping-I suppose I need to start unsubscribing from certain newsletters:)

  59. Hi Vera,
    A girlfriend just reached out to me (our birthdays are very close) February 2020.
    She asked what I'd like to do.
    I choose shopping with her in a new place, as I haven't had any new/secondhand clothes for 3 years!
    I will set a budget – and I know it will help me declutter MANY old clothes!
    So I guess I've done 'no buy' for 3+ years

  60. Hi dear !! I am a working mom from India and started a categorical no buy challenge for makeup, jewelries, plants, dresses and takeouts (added a skip from the rule here – I will buy only when it is absolute important for an event and can't do without it.). And have imposed low buy challenge on necessities and replacements. I am trying hard to stick to these rules and going month by month.

  61. I found your channel from comments on Frank's James channel. I'm so glad I did! I've been thinking about getting more serious about minimalism and this is a great sign. Can't wait to binge your videos 🥰

  62. Hi Vera! I know that what I ask isn`t the topic of this video, but I think you should do a video whit your makeup routine! You have a flawless face, I`m shore that your routine it would be interesting!

  63. I want to buy less books. I spend too much money on it and are beginning to own too much books again. I want to do a low buy period and first use up the books I have. Thanks for your inspiring video!!

  64. Hi, am already on low buying…. but no buying month is a very helpful idea. So from now on I will write down things that I buy 😊😊🙏

  65. I'm in my 8th month of my year of not buying clothes that aren't essential or replacement, but I realised that I only had two jumpers I felt comfortable wearing. So I altered the rules that I could still buy clothes as long as they're 1. high quality, 2. fill gaps in my closet, and 3. fit well. Still haven't found anything that satisfies those three conditions, so in the end I'm still buying nothing at all xD

  66. I have been doing the no buy challenge since August 2019. It's almost easy for me😁😊. Because I see my savings growing so much faster. That motivates me strongly. I only spend for my fixed costs (mortgage, bills, insurances, transports ), groceries. The rest goes to the savings. I challenge myself to pay off the mortgage in 8 or 9 years instead of 15 years. This is the challenge of my life😁😁

  67. Hey from Australia
    I have been on a binge yesterday and today, and loving your presentations. Actually I’m more impressed with each one. You obviously set yourself a very high production level, but you also manage to be informative and friendly. So, an all-round great set of vids to binge on.
    Now…off topic, sorry, but it’s been driving me nuts. The large grey dresser(?) behind your left side, when you’re not on your couch. The colour is so calming, really pretty. Am I correct in thinking it’s a shoe cabinet? And if so, is it IKEA? However on the end of the dresser, it looks like there’s some storage or something, with the actual dresser side being quite far back, and a grey framing at the end of the dresser. Can you please tell me what it is, if there’s side on storage, is that pretty grey a standard colour? I’m downsizing drastically soon, and although I love,love,*love* all shades of blue, in a small area I know it might be overpowering. And so have been concentrating on finding grey furniture, with a few blue touches planned.
    Thanks again for the great vids. You really inspire confidence.

  68. I’m on a 2020 low buy for clothes and beauty allowing myself a new bathing suit, running shoes, and a few makeup purchases.

  69. Less is more. So far so good.

    1) I significantly cut down on meat for 2020 and found a new love for rice. A little bit of meat goes a long way. 2) The quadcopter drone temptation struck again but I was able to fight off the urge to buy because the Mavic Mini doesn’t have tracking which I need for mountain biking aerial photography. Whew, dodged that one! 3) A beautiful Ibanez hollowbody electric guitar popped up on sale in internet an ad but after much temptation, that was brushed aside. It was tempting since I have a Fender Stratocaster and want to learn drop tunings. The floating bridge doesn’t intonate correctly when open tuning. The Ibanez has a fixed bridge. Luckily, I dusted off an old classical guitar and it does open tunings beautifully. What you are experiencing is a very materialistic person freeing self from more junk.

    Withstanding buying is like a samurai fighting off multiple attackers. Keeping busy maintaining and learning really helps a lot. Additionally, learning to do stuff around the house such as changing light fixtures is rewarding and saves money. You can learn about anything on YouTube. It feels great to resist buying unnecessary stuff and just maintaining the essentials.

    Thanks for your inspiring videos. They help greatly.

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