My eBay Addiction: Cancer Survivor Makes Her Fortune On Online Auction Site

COMM: She used to be a nail technician earning just 70 pounds a week, but Alison Abruneiras
is now the MD of a business grossing more than one million pounds a year. COMM: After becoming addicted to eBay Alison: I though oh, there’s some money in here, and it was an instant buzz. COMM: 46-year-old Alison from Lincoln left school with no qualifications and she had
no business experience, but she discovered eBay as a fun hobby after being diagnosed
with breast cancer at the age of 38. Alison: I needed something to take me away from that hell. Something to focus on and
give me a buzz, so through all the horribleness, that was there just to give me a buzz. COMM: Through the website, she set up a cosmetic retail business called the Nail and Beauty
Emporium and today, six years after it started, business is booming. COMM: She now employs four staff, including her 22-year-old daughter Coralia, who’s proving
a business whizz too. Alison: Coralia, she’s just my absolute… I couldn’t have done it. I get emotional now
because I just couldn’t… Without her none of this would have happened. COMM: Alison is now cancer free and she’s set her sights on new business ventures. COMM: Last year she opened a Spanish restaurant with husband Amador and it’s already proving
a huge success. COMM: Now she hopes to show that the sky really is the limit if you’re prepared to work hard. Alison: Everybody can do something. Do a bit of cross-stitch, everybody’s got a hobby,
something they like. Mine was nails and I turned it into that business. Anyone can turn

33 comments on “My eBay Addiction: Cancer Survivor Makes Her Fortune On Online Auction Site

  1. Amazing video, its great to see people earn money without qualifications. It just goes to show how you can do anything in the world and live happily.

  2. My eBay Addiction: Cancer Survivor Makes Her Fortune on Online Auction Site


    A FORMER nail technician has become the MD of a company grossing more than one million pounds a year — after becoming addicted to eBay. Alison Abruneiras left school with no qualifications and was earning as little as £70 a week until breast cancer forced her to stop working altogether. But after logging on to eBay on her home computer as a fun 'hobby' to earn a bit of extra cash, she's become a hugely successful entrepreneur. Today the married mum-of-three, from Lincoln, uses the site to sell products for her cosmetic retail business, the Nail and Beauty Emporium. In just SIX years, the company has expanded to trade in nine countries around the world. And Alison, 46, has expanded to take on a warehouse as well as four staff — including her 22-year-old daughter, Coralia, who is set to take over the business.

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  3. Only people that say "skys the limit, you can do anything" are the people who just happened by luck to be at the right place at the right time and made it.

  4. She's survived cancer, she survived challenges and she became succesful. Thats very inspiring indeed ♥

  5. Let say she's right when she says anyone can turn anything.  Lets do the math.  Lets take small numbers to make it simple.  We have 100 people stock on an island and there is no hope for them to be rescued and after accepting their situation, they decide to make lemonade out of the lemon life served them.  They can all survive just ok by hunting and gathering but they all have a dream to be prosper enough they wont need to do all that and they can just sit and relax.  So everyone in their mind, secretly decide to turn it up, to start a little enterprise.  They think, oh, i know, i should hunt and hire people hunting and give everybody food in exchange of berries, sea food and have someone build me a hut and a comfy bed.  An other one decide, oh, maybe if i hire some people to gather berries i can provide berries to everyone in exchange of meat, fur, sea food and get someone to build me a hut and a comfy bed.  So you see the picture, everyone think of their own little personal enterprise.  Like the lady said, everybody can turn anything right?  Whats gonna happen with the people that are hired to work and make these business run?  I'm sure they want a business too so they can stop working.  Who is going to work if everyone is running a business? That's like asking: What came first? The chicken or the egg? It's just a logic that turn in circle on itself.

  6. just here to say that i don t believe in auction online , on eBay or anywhere else. who can garanty me that the site itself is not rising the price of an item for me to raise it more , if i don t they put it later after the time run out. no matter how strong i ll search for an item, i ll never go on auction and certainly not on auction online. some people are too gullible ( or too rich héhé) but i m not



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