My “Biggest Mistake” as a First-Time Home Buyer

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay
Realtor Lance Mohr and in this video I want to go over a question I got and
that’s what is the one thing you wish you would have known or done different
before you bought your first home and I’m gonna go about that and I think it’s
gonna surprise you will help it in this video what I ended up doing is a
first-time home buyer and some of the mistakes I made so that’s what I’m gonna
go over in the short video so I remember buying my first time I was 23 years old
single and engineering no kids just one and a home for myself so I was
don’t snow skiing when the buddy we’re on our way back from Big Bear outside of
Los Angeles I asked him to stop by a real estate agents office we stopped by
I talked to an agent pulled the agent a little bit about what I was looking for
and the agent called me up the next day and we went out looking we started to
looking at a bunch of different homes now I thought it was a little weird
because all the agent wanted to do is just look and look and look and look and
look and drive me around and I thought wow I’m a first-time homebuyer aren’t
you supposed to be educating me are you supposed to be telling me anything and
he just wasn’t doing that and then we went out again and again and and then
the problem was this every time we went into home he wanted me to buy it he just
thought I should buy every home and so I finally about 2 or 3 weeks into it just
said hey this just isn’t working now I don’t really think you have my best
interest in mind I appreciate it good luck so I picked up the phone called
someone else that agent meant me at the first home I told him a little bit about
what I was looking for it was really much very similar such a set of
circumstances I mean we went out and he looked we looked at the first home the
second third the fourth the fifth and every single home were looking at and
he’s telling me how great the market is I need to be buying every single home it
was up to him I would’ve bought the very first time I saw we walked in about our
a poem and there was a big wire leak and I looked up and I’m like what what do
you think that’s from and he said I don’t know I said don’t worry
I would just write a contract on the home and so again I called him up and I
said there’s this lack of communication you’re not listening to me you’re fired
good luck so I put things off for a little while and then I decided to use
my friend who just got his real estate license but he’s part-time and I thought
well at least I could trust him and and he has real nice guy he just he didn’t
really know what he was doing he didn’t really do it before and you know there’s
a lot of issues but I ended up closing on my home so the question I guess the
answer is what do I wish I would have known what would have I done differently
and of course it is always hard to say but I I wish I would have interviewed
agents I wish I would not have looked at all agents as being the same and I did
and it was a mistake and I had a really bad taste in my mouth for a long time
about buying property which is one of the reasons I think I do a lot of these
videos because I want to help people so this doesn’t happen to you but I wish I
would have looked at agents is there’s some good agents there’s some bad agents
there’s some agents to look out for me there’s agents that won’t and really
spent time trying to find a good agent trying to find an agent that’s gonna
look out for my best interest an agent that has a lot of knowledge that has a
lot of experience you know I ask questions some of the questions I always
tell people to ask is you know certainly you want to know how long they’ve been
in business did they work with more first-time homebuyers like example tell
them a little bit about what you’re looking at doing if you’re looking at
your first time your first home or if you’re looking at new construction or
maybe you’re looking at a rehab or whatever let them know because you want
to see what their experience level isn’t is in that in other words when I was
looking for my first home I don’t have a lot of education I need someone to hold
my hand and guide me and walk me through the process not just assume I know
everything but really give me an education on the process and I wish it
would have asked questions questions I think are good to ask is why should I
work with you that’s a really good question to ask what makes you different
than the other agents and see what they to say you could ask them that if you
want to do it face to face you can if you want to do it on an email if you
want to do it over the telephone but ask questions you don’t need a whole bunch
of questions you don’t like you need a list of 10 or 20 questions that you’ll
see online just try to find an agent that knows what they’re doing that cares
about you and has a lot of experience I hope this helps you if you know anybody
looking at buying or selling a home referring to my videos hopefully they’ll
help them if I could help you whatsoever don’t hesitate to give me a call I wish
you the best of luck you

3 comments on “My “Biggest Mistake” as a First-Time Home Buyer

  1. I told you all real estate agents are dishonest. Believe nothing of what they say. Their only job is to let you in a home. You should do everything else

  2. Lance again you hit the nail on the head. The process/conversation is a two-way street; why rush someone into a home and it be a curse to them in the long run?

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