Multi Selling Station fs19 Mod Review farming simulator 19 #fs19modreview

hello and welcome to my channel I’m ukgamer808 and today we are doing a FS19 mod review for the selling stations
well the multi selling stations for farming simulator 19 came out just over a week
ago and is made by castiga at edge gaming and they did the other so knows
basically well edge grain silo thus the body point which I’ll use that to put a
bit in and then we have the two different cell points one in black one
in the silver and there they are now they have got lighting on it which the
lighting is automatic so as soon as it gets dark that’s gonna come on and this
is an awesome addition to the game I’m really surprised we haven’t had anything
like this for for a while but we’ve got them now
now they’ve done a fantastic job on the Sell point itsself it’s just basic easy
drop it into there and that’s it easy as that now what commodities does it take
it takes everything now when we go down to the prices it’s actually listed down
on the price as well we’ve got the edge grain vault which is the silver one and
then we’ve got edge grain vault black and you look at now I price I dropped I
place these exactly the same time and this is what I like about it that
they’re they’re different to money where I plant I place the word planet place
the other one and you see the money for both of them is different and that’s
brilliant it really is so we add extra sale points
to your game like a sussex farm fs19 and there’s loads of sale
points anyway but I’ve managed to add an extra two and it doesn’t cause any
problems now if we go to the shop and buy one more so we scroll over and there
they are they’re 10 grand each to buy now they’re plus they are minus 13 on
the slot count for each one for the black one and also for the silver one
and then any one after that is an extra would slopped so we get one
more of the gray ones and we just put that there like that and we go into the
menu again and you can see now we’ve got two whereas nice that one says edge
grain vault and one says edge grain vault black so you can distinguish him
but what I’ve found is they do mess around a little bit
it has trouble scrolling pass when you’ve got more than two when you’ve got
two it’s fine when you get three or four it’s it does struggle you can see
sometimes it gives pass sometimes it doesn’t and you see the price on that
one now this one was placed 24 hours later and the price is different again
which is what you want you want all these prices to be different it adds
extra to the game so that way you can always get maximum money for it so we’ve
got the one on the week there is 87 110 is 650 and then seven eight one so all
three of them are totally different absolutely brilliant brilliant so or
different gamechanger that is that will change but especially on the maps
what I’ve got hardly any sell points you can go and add two more extra and some
of the maps have only got two so you’re gonna be on a double up easy as that but
just a little bit on the slots if you get the black ones it’ll only cost you
thirteen plus one for every one after so not too bad on slots I suppose whereas
the we just did the would sell point and that was 26 slots on itself anyhow so
let’s go and put some material through it and show you it’s all working alright
now I’ve got the little carry all’s because these actually take 2,000 liters
so we do 2,000 liters of soya beans and I think we do we just do canola and then we do the black one because we
know what that one is so on the soya beans then we go back to
the prices and soya beans for the black there see it doesn’t like to stay there
there we go get on there on the black is 1019 so for this one we should be
getting 2038 hopefully to put it on the right one and forget the right button s
the right button the tip-in yeah and that’s where it can right
that’s 2039 so what was the canola the canola is on 863 so let’s just check
that one I didn’t find any issues with it whatsoever
always treat yeah and 1726 so all good brilliant
right so that’s it for the selling multi selling station for FS 19 or selling point the
same we call them selling points and then they come out and call them multi
selling stations but welcome addition it expands every map to load loads of
different you could add quite a few of them and you got loads of different sell
points and the beauty is they actually are different prices you can’t be that
can you right now that’s it for FS 19 mod review for today hopefully we’re
gonna get some mods today today’s Christmas Eve and we have been have been
sort of hinting that we’re gonna get a few mods but nothing as yet hopefully we
get something later on now if you’ve enjoyed this episode make
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namely coming up for 600 now so there’s plenty to choose on thanks for watching
and I will see you next time

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