33 comments on “More Retail Chains Set to Shutter Stores, Despite Robust Consumer Spending

  1. California's high tax rate along with the assembly bills such as AB5 does not help either forcing many businesses to leave for other states.

  2. 🤳Shopping online jus makes you less active,
    then you wonder why🤬your Package gets stolen🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️👈 because your to lazy🛌 to get your fat-ass up and get it your

  3. This is good news…waaay too many Retail stores selling junk from China that you don't need. People need to SAVE MONEY and pay off debit this is unsustainable…

  4. I'm an elderly lady and when I do get to the store when someone tastes me there's no variety you do better shopping online and having it delivered to your house at least you can get what you want or see choices I shop at Walmart and it's very little in the stores I go to glass shop online a lot at least I get variety

  5. They say the economy is booming but I don't know who's getting the money except for the rich because the average Joe the prices are so high rent mortgage core notes insurance all these things take away from shopping just for frivolous things money is being spent on the basics of everyday life

  6. The Fry's Electronics in Concord has empty shelves and barely any customers. Last time I went in there they didn't even have computers anymore. Soon the only place to buy electronics will be Best Buy or shopping online. The only businesses doing well in California are fast food chains and a few large corporate chain stores.

  7. This just shows that companies spent to much time and effort pleasing their investors and not paying attention to what was going on in the stores and how people shop.
    Local businesses are doing better at keeping up with the times.

  8. Poor qualities and expensive. Newsom increased tax to businesses in California. Good to decreased population? Sanctuary State will decrease population in California.

  9. The largest town in my area has a downtown that's almost totally closed down. Empty store fronts all up and down Main Street. Locals are all sad about it but what do they do? Shop online and/or travel 3 hours to a larger city and spend $ there! Shop local!!

  10. No strong economy, look at the homeless rates and store closures you are showing. Does anybody ever consider the greed of landlords having any part of this? I visited dozens of stores closing in my area and was told by most that it was the high rent that forced them to close their doors. Most of our money goes to housing ( the wealthy landlords) and not into the economy.

  11. how can you afford to pay rent on Market street and Stockton street by selling clothing???? so many stores come and go on Market street

  12. These people do it to themselves cities like this need to get rid of their politicians and yes that’s a nice way of saying democrats are the rats.

  13. I moved to Huntsville alabama from the Bay Area now they're trying to recruit people from California and other parts of the country to come fill their positions

  14. Hey! Isn't that "fake news" by "fake media?" Oh, it turns out our "fake" president is lying again. The economy is NOT strong. The stock market for Billionaires is.
    Wages for the middle class are stagnant since 1974. 2 working parents aren't making enough. Unemployment is low because people are working 2 jobs trying to make ends meet.
    Stop lying Drumpf. Yeah, that's gonna happen after 15,000 LIES so far. Impeached Traitor.

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