Meet Guillaume Waline of Indigo Connected Retail

Let me tell you how physical
retail is catching up with e-commerce, thanks to Indgo Connected Retail and SAP. Imagine transforming your store
into a measurable, interactive experience. As customers, we want to have the same shopping
experience in a physical store as we do on an e-commerce website: we would like
to get product recommendations, easily find the products in the store, and discover products in an interactive way, as
well as get help when we need it. But to offer this experience to customers,
you need to have a responsive store, a store that reacts to what’s happening inside
its walls, that will know how to interact with each one of its customers
you need a smart store, and to operate it you need data, a lot
of data from very different sources. At Indigo Connected Retail we developed
an IoT solution that transforms any point of sale, any touch point
between a consumer and a product into an interactive element
that will generate data. Our data is sent to to the cloud
to be processed to deliver operational services to the people that
run the stores. And SAP is the ideal partner as we need to access our clients’ CRM systems,
stock levels and sales figures in order to provide our services. The store is not a black box anymore:
with Indigo Connected Retail and SAP you can run your physical
store exactly like a website, you can deliver personalized shopping experiences
and customer engagement at scale.

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