Meet Elie Jenadri, Purchasing Assistant

Hello, my name is Elie. I work at Haemers Technologies as a storekeeper and I’m in charge of the purchase too. And I organize the transportation. In Lebanon, I studied accounting. But I also worked for 3 years in a company as an accountant and I’ve also done the purchase and the stock. That’s why I work here in the stock. I found Haemers Technologies thanks to my brother. My family used to live in Belgium I was borned here and then we went back to Lebanon and came back later in Belgium. My brother started here before me. And he explained to me what was Haemers Technologies’s concept. It’s not like a regular company, for example like the commercial company. It’s a company that clean the land and remove the pollution in the soil. I loved the idea. I really loved it when I started working with them. I love working at Haemers Technologies because… I won’t say that they are my colleagues, they’re my friends, it’s like a family here. All the office is an open space That means that if you have a question you can go ask anyone at anytime. It’s like a little family who work together. And my relationship with the suppliers is really good. We work a lot with them. At the end, they became friends too. We speak with them normally, we don’t have to be formal. The atmosphere is really good. When I started at Haemers Technologies, I was in the workshop, and I was helping the workers. I was doing all the tasks related to the inventory. But I had an accident and I injured myself the elbow. The doctor forbade me to carry heavy stuff. As I had expériences in stock and purchase, they offered me a position of stock manager. And I was dealing with the stock transfert and transport too. And as we say : “A blessing in disguise” It’s because of that accident that I evolved. And they saw that I was better at my current position They prefer the work that I’m doing today.

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