Mary Siapno – Transactions Manager

Hi my name is Mary Siapno…like no
shopping but I love to shop so everybody calls me “Shopyes”. I was born in
New York and I grew up in a suburb outside of LA spent 16 years up in the
Central Valley which is also known as the short sale foreclosure capital of
California in 2012 will you fulfill their dream of moving
to San Diego I’ve worked for CT homes for over six years and I’m the
transaction manager and short sale negotiator let’s see the craziest short
sale we worked on was just recently there was an opportunity that an agent
brought to us that had a seller who was in foreclosure with 11 liens on the
property that included a first a second a judgment and IRS and a franchise tax
ordinance the good news is we were able to postpone the short sales two times
and which allowed the sellers who will satisfy all the liens and closed before
the next trustee sale and they were able to move on with their life with a clean
slate and the thing that I love working about working here at CT homes is that
our team we operate at a high level and we’re given these opportunities to work
with agents and homeowners and because of the team providing high level and
solutions we’re able to navigate through these complex fields
and help people solve these kinds of problems

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