Manager’s Update: Purchasing Division (Gilbert, AZ)

Hi, I’m Town Manager Patrick Banger. In
this week’s Manager’s Update I’m here with Doug Boyer, the town’s purchasing
administrator. Would you tell us about your department and what you do? The purchasing division is responsible for acquiring the goods and
services the town needs to performance its functions and services, and we do this in
a cost-effective and time-efficient manner, while maintaining an open and
competitive bid environment. We also to the extent that we can, try to combine like
purchases and we’re also working to standardize our purchasing practices and
procedures, so that we’re doing it consistently. Are there any
new developments in purchasing? Anything new that you think
people should know about? Absolutely, we have two things right now
that we’re working on that are significant. We’re going to be bringing purchasing code
or proposed purchasing code revisions to the council next month. This will be the first time that we’ve
done this in four years. Also, we are working currently with the
human resources learning development group on a formal training program that
will involve both e-learning modules, which we should have done by the end of September and an instructor-led training by the end of December. So we’ll be
able to train new employees, existing leaders and then what we call purchasing
liaisons, which are the power users of purchasing in their respective
departments. Thank you. We certainly appreciate all the great work
you and your entire team does for our organization our community. If you’d like to
learn more about our purchasing department you can visit the town’s web site at Thank you for watching. yeah

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