14 comments on “Man gives back money he finds in couch he purchased

  1. The report MISSED what he said about Howard being a Christian. He testified of his faith and how the Lord said to him "No, it is not your money, give it back to the owner"

  2. God blessed him and Kirbys dumb ass gave the blessing back. Lets hope he is rich because if he isnt I dont want to hear no complaining about money in life mf.

  3. Sorry, but this was a dumb move. They didn’t give him shit as a reward. Now he’s broke, with a leaky roof and no couch. Hopefully the family gets a new BMW with the money and drives by the guys place to laugh at him.

    Sorry, but this is planet Earth.. do unto others before they do unto you.

  4. Check it out folks! https://www.gofundme.com/manage/howard-kirby-the-man-who-found-4300000-in-couch Lets show Howard that we appreciate his actions. Jay Tyrrell

  5. Last week I was inspired and started a Go Fund Me Page for Howard Kirby. His actions moved me in a way where I felt it necessary to start a Go Fund Me campaign to help Howard who gave back $43000.00 that he found in an old chair and ottoman that he had purchased from a re-store. Please show Howard our appreciation for his honesty and integrity in this situation where he showed true selflessness. Please donate and share the Go Fund me link with you friends and family on your own Facebook Pages.Thank you to so many of you for sharing the link and donating to this worthy cause of giving back to a man who has so little himself. Thanks Jay Tyrrell https://www.gofundme.com/f/howard-kirby-the-man-who-found-4300000-in-couch

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