Make The Shot, I’ll Buy You A CRUISE VACATION! *Emotional Surprise*

second attempt no way what does
everybody welcome back to the channel today I’ve got something pretty exciting
which you already know from the title and thumbnail this video I love my squad
obviously there’s a lot of people in my videos but Caleb Jenna Mia and Chris
have kind of been the go-to they have put in so much work to to their channels
but also to my channels which helps me help this channel grow and it’s
Christmas season I want to pay them back and so we’re gonna do something really
cool today I’ve got a little bit of a prank twist on on this and what I’m
gonna do is tell them it’s another one of those make the shot win the prize
video where there’s presents around around the yard around the court but as
you’ll see everything in all the packages isn’t that something you want
last time I did that and maybe saw that video where half the prizes were good
half the prize were bad but these four gifts are all bad but then I’m gonna
take a turn and give them a surprise I think they’re really gonna like so make
sure you watch to the very end to see their reaction here we go okay you guys
can come the real meaning of Christmas guys
if there’s four I’m going for that one where that one no I’m going for that one
okay wait maybe guys today got some gifts for you
guys real gifts and it’s gonna be like the other video you guys were all there
except for Caleb first you’re gonna choose what present you want then you’re
going to roll the dice is how many attempts you have from that spot all of
them are normal shots except for the free throw which you have to make
backwards so we have the behind the hoop we have the the deep three backwards
free throw and the far shot one for each of you and we’re gonna have a little
shooting competition to see the order because we need you guys want to have
preference for who chooses what bus excuse me Oh or any of these guys
different there might be some bad gifts like last time huh I don’t know I might
hop in there if you guys made someone misses they’ll be empty present but for
now I’m just hosting okay guys so we’re gonna determine the order by shooting in
that corner Oh back of the line who Jenna gets first
attempt possibly unless Chris makes it okay okay so Jenna you have first choice
but let’s get the rest of the order first Caleb’s back up oh all right so
Jenna you have first choice Caleb you have second pick Chris is third and Mia
you are last that’s okay where are you going how many times doing
it just you’re gonna roll the dice choose your choose your present first
okay dang I can’t roll this first and then choose nope okay the deep three
together to the shop for you okay let’s see how many times you get only two I
was thinking in the rocks here here on this I’ll move to get for you right here
Oh save it and it likes that feeling second attempt okay you get to open the present
everyone you were so excited about a potato Andrew played a clip of her
freaking out about of potato nineteen times the other video you know you
didn’t like the gift I’m sorry I get first pick first side that’s what I get
having like that was pretty clutch though way to make any second thought
I’m sorry though Merry Christmas anyway okay Caleb where are you going I think
you already know do i okay you’re going deep nope
caleb is going deep dianna roll the dice buddy no you didn’t what if all these
gifts have rocks and with 30 camera no second guess myself I don’t think
there’s anything cool in there no I knew you’re gonna go there which is why I put
the potato in there dictaphone Jenna it’s so in mind so he
knows I’d even go there or there that’s why I’m going there no way maybe he
thought I thought he knew I was gonna go there so I would switch there so he put
something else there so I’m gonna get you I’m going back there so you going
there is it a puppy well that’d be awesome oh my he would
good at six okay Caleb okay six attempts that’s all because there’s literally
screws yeah don’t don’t need another broken toe
oh close first attempt you guys here we go
six times charm for the president that’s probably green beans how did you know oh
my gosh good hit no way parmigiano hello yeah yeah okay
where are you going chris is going behind the hoop yeah you gotta go
backwards you don’t get a pic unless you see other gifts anywhere else for again
you got this you guys gonna be mad if Mia gets ready
that’s hella good Mia don’t we short Mia oh you did not miss short one more
attempt oh my gosh I just saved your life it was
a Christmas miracle yeah I knew you guys could all do it you
all hit your shots in the attempts that you rolled on let’s see no that’s just
our old license plates from Texas thank you guys for watching
no make sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet okay hey remember the other
day when I was I had just one of the nicest people that I’ve ever worked with
guess what we’re all gonna plot against you hold on dude I think that’s not one
more gift my turn no way what are you doing nobody saw this three if he misses this we all divvy it up
whatever it is all right no one cheers no one no one cares about what I got no
here I’ll take what I did have is there’s the tickets for a cruise for us
to all go on together me and Cassie are taking all four of you on a Mexican
cruise you’re lying that really says our names on it this is my we’re going in
February yes we already bought the tickets I hope you guys can go because
we can’t return them Josh give us the punchline this is real
I mean these are Photoshop tickets but I really did buy the cruise I can call
Cassie right now yeah we can call caster right now I know none of you have I’ve
never been I don’t I’ve never been on like a ship my first cruise and I have
to go with Jenna Cassie they don’t believe it even me even I gotta go you’re the sweetie I better get my Spanish Galib getting
his cruise body ready remember I told you how josh has a video for just the
like original squad me Mia Caleb Chris and himself and I told you like I know
he has something up his sleeve that’s what he did made me tear up right now I
know if anything we should be treating him huh mom mom I’m going on a cruise thank you
yeah I’m excited we do hi mom so Josh got me a Christmas gift he’s taking he’s
taking all of us on a cruise me Chris Mia and Josh Cassie and Jenna no anyway
you’re on camera mom say something funny yeah yeah I hacked into your phone
No huh all right so we just did a video for Josh right guess what he got us for
Christmas that’s what mom that’s what he got it for Christmas
it’s crazy you’re not gonna go really not gonna know so you have three seconds
three two one no you got us all tickets on a cruise to Mexico you know how we’ve
been I met Josh this summer and we’ve been like doing all those crazy work and
stuff so he got us gifts for Christmas he got us
you taking us on a cruise the whole squad in February you worked pretty hard
doing this stuff so I kind of want to be a vacation retreat for us but I’m sure
we will be filming some videos on the cruise so if you haven’t subscribed make
sure you do so subscribe to all my friends
Merry Christmas dolphin I’m so glad well thank you guys for
watching drop a thumbs up if you haven’t yet and I hope you guys have a great
holiday season and we’ll see you guys soon bloody lips into wow that was really
aggressive for this channel Jenna

100 comments on “Make The Shot, I’ll Buy You A CRUISE VACATION! *Emotional Surprise*

  1. Really special video! Watch til the end for their reactions and get excited for the videos to come! 🙂 Like/Comment in first 10 minutes of all my uploads for a chance to win juggling balls from like FN -BB738 did last video! Love you guys! See you soon!

  2. Josh: too humble to say anything
    Caleb: Covering up his tears by asking why his first cruise is with Jenna
    Jenna: being the good side of Jenna by not screaming
    Chris: "that's dope"x20
    Mia: being Mia

  3. Crazy my family is going on the same cruise line i think when the day your guys boat comes home! Would of been amazing to be on the same one as you guys. Hope you all enjoy your time together plus the cutest couple gets to spend a cruise together

  4. Oh also I’m your favorite YouTuber you are the best because you give your squad special stuff that is why your my fav YouTuber

  5. Too cool Josh! Hope you guys had a great time. I just discovered your channels about two weeks ago and I’m completely addicted. Mostly because of Jenna….well, totally because of Jenna 😍 but they’re all still great channels and videos. Keep up the good work!

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