Maintenance for AIM Retail Point of Sale Software: K&G Bike Center’s Success Story

Technology for Retailers took the
opportunity to make some huge upgrades and performance for version 12 over version
11 we brought AIMsi on in 2007 so it’s been 12 years. With version 11
we were ready for an upgrade. Version 12 came along at just
the right time. First of all, our philosophy is always to stay current
with software that we’re using and we knew that version 12 was coming. We really appreciated it
because the database structure
that we work with now is much more flexible in terms of the
information that we can draw out of the system when we need to
draw that information out. There are things that we can do with tech
support’s help using version 12 that I think were just not possible with version
11. In working with technical support, you have a team of people who are
very knowledgeable about what they do, but more than just being
knowledgeable, they’re enthusiastic. So when you contact tech support
and you and you have an issue, they’re good listeners. They have a wealth of resources at their
disposal to go research to determine whether someone else has had that same
issue or not and then they very patiently work through the issues. And what I’ve been particularly impressed
with is that tech support doesn’t dismiss an issue that
you are experiencing. They they drill down to make sure that
they understand what you’re experiencing. They collect the information they need
to and then they get back to you very rapidly. Tri-Tech and the tech support people
very patiently worked me up the learning curve. They could have said at any point in
time gee Dean and you need to go pay for school they never did. Their
tech support group was very, very generous with the time spent
educating me in how to use their system. I can’t say enough good things about the
attitude of the tech support staff that we deal with. They’ve made all
the difference in the world. When you need help and
you call tech support, they are there for you as the
user. If they don’t have an answer, they get back to you usually
within a matter of hours. If there is an issue in the system,
they turn it over to the developers. The developers go to work on it, and they improve the
system as needed again, within just a handful of days.

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