>>Jibrizy: Did I sell my soul? A common question I’m asked.
Let’s find out the truth. (hiphop music) They say the eyes are
the windows to the soul. Right now, I’m looking
deep into your soul. Let me ask you an enlightened question… Are you ready? (music stops)
Which one is scarier? Death or not being accepted? (hiphop music) Check this out. I’m gonna show you me,
manipulating an object. So check it out, here in my
pocket, I have two objects. They’re not the same but they
share one common principle, they’re the same color. Hold your hand out, Kate. Beautiful, I want you to go
ahead and hold onto the ball squeeze nice and tight, don’t let go, keep squeezing, keep it just like that. Now look, the first
manipulation I’m gonna show you I’m gonna manipulate the object and change it’s identity. And when I say it’s identity… I’m talking about it not being a scarf.>>Kate: What? What the?>>Anymore.>>How did that happen? (laughs)>>Now look, the second manipulation is me squeezing it so much… that it…>>[Girl Wearing Denim Jacket] What?>>Dematerializes.>>Where does it go?>>Look. (clicks)>>(gasps) Wait, what the fuck man? (laughs)>>Wait…>>How does that even happen?>>Nadia: What the fuck?>>That it diminishes.>>Oh my god!>>Nadia, look. Open up your hand.>>What the heck? Wait
how did you even do that? (girls laughing)>>Open up your hand.>>Lauren: Oh my god! (laughing) That’s incredible.>>The third thing I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna manipulate it and watch, if I keep rubbing…>>(laughing)>>[Girl Wearing White Shirt]
This one’s super weird.>>It splits, into two and
now you got three balls. (laughing)>>Okay look, the last and final one. I’m gonna manipulate
the balls with thought. So I want you to hold onto the balls, squeeze nice and tight.>>How many are in there? All of them?>>Yes, all three. Here, squeeze with her. Yeah, alright beautiful. Now
watch this, check it out. I’ll hold this. Now,>>(laughing) Hold on.>>Look, Lauren, I want you
to think about an animal.>>Okay.>>Okay, think about an
animal. You got the animal?>>Yeah I got my animal.>>Okay so Kate, the
last thing I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna manipulate
the object with thought. Kate, think about an animal.>>Okay. Can I say it?>>You got the animal?>>Can I say it?>>Yeah, say it.>>Dog.>>Dog? Look, check it out. (clicks)>>What the fuck?>>No way! Oh my god!>>Holy shit! It’s a dog. What the fuck?>>How did that happen?>>What’s the animal?>>A dog.>>A dog?>>A dog.>>(clicks)>>No way.>>Open up your hand.>>Oh my god!>>What?>>How is it a dog? (laughs)>>How’d you do that?>>(laughs) (chill electronic music)>>And at the end of the
day, without personality, you can’t fully, emerge
into a talented individual and be seen by the
world massively, I feel. It’s just not gonna happen anymore, like you actually have to
have some type of character, some type of personality and some type of way
about how you do things. Because if you don’t, the first thing that’s gonna happen is, there’s gonna be a disconnect. I have a hard time relating with people, who don’t really show me the real them. And that’s why personality’s
important ’cause we’re looking to connect and I want people to connect. When you’re watching Jibrizy, do magic, I want you to connect with me. You’re gonna rock with
me ’cause you like me, not ’cause you like the magic,
the magic is just what I do but Jibrizy’s who you came to see. (echoes) (“Habanera” by Georges Bizet) Mo’ Money, here’s what
I need you to do, okay? Mo’ Money, I want you
to hold your hand out. Now guys, look. I have a quarter here. The back of your hand. Look, I’m gonna take this quarter, I’m gonna place him on
the back of your hand. Whatever you do, don’t move.
Okay? Stay right there. Check it out. Look, watch. I wanna show you this one
more time, my hands empty?>>Yeah it’s empty.>>Alright, look. One, two, three.>>All: Oh!>>Mo’ Money: The devil is
alive. The devil is alive! The devil is alive! We the truth. If I’m blunt… (laughing) I’m talking too much.>>So here’s what we’ll do,
right here we have a device.>>A device.>>Look Mo’ Money, do you
have two dollar bills?>>I got seven but hold on, God is good.>>Alright, good. So
check it out look, watch. We’re gonna take each bill,
we’re gonna place it inside of the sleeves, okay? Does anybody have any ID? Anybody? You got ID? Sick, so check it out. Cool, so look. As you can see the bill, can’t pass through the money,
right? Try it, give it a shot. Does it pass through?>>No sir.>>No? We’re gonna take both bills,
I’m gonna place them inside of the sleeves, just like that. Cool?>>Yes sir.>>Alright. We’re gonna take both of these, alright? And we’re gonna line them up, so watch. Line them up just like so. Watch closely. Here we go.>>[Guy Behind Camera] Man, you better not make it go through both. No way, no freaking way. No freaking way! (audience cheer)>>Impossible! God is good!>>Look watch, ready?>>[Man In Green Shirt]
Now it should be a real–>>C’mon man, don’t be
cursing, don’t be cursing.>>Look, you take that back.
Look, check it out. Look.>>There’s a hole in both bills.>>[Lady Behind Camera] No there’s not!>>Boom. Now wait, we’ll take
it a step further Mo’ Money. Watch this, I’m gonna take a bill out. Check it out. Watch Mo’ Money. The bill. Look watch. (audience laughs)>>That looks like one of
them tall basketball players that’s been all stretched. (audience laughs) You say, how in the hell?>>Look, take it. (laughs) Look, the last one. Mo’ Money, look.>>That’s what it is.>>Last one, watch. Take it, watch this. Mo’ Money come here. I want you to stand up with
me on this one. Watch this. Look. Wait, watch it. Everybody come over
here, you wanna see this. Come over here. Come
on this side, everyone. Come on this side. Beautiful,
I want you guys to see this. Can the camera get this?
Is it having a hard time? No? Okay. Alright, everybody
watch. I’ma only do this once.>>One time?>>Ready? Mo’ Money, watch. I’ma give it one fold, okay?
I’ma give it two folds. Right?>>Mo’ Money: Extra plant material.>>Watch your dollar.>>Mo’ Money: Open it up.>>Look I’m gonna take it, give it a fold. Look.>>Mo’ Money: Oh my. (audience laughs)>>[Man In Green Shirt]
Eighty dollars! (laughing)>>Now that’s a crazy trick! If I’m lying, I’m dying. That’s a crazy trick. He wasn’t lying.>>Show it to the camera.>>I know he ‘aint just do that.>>Jibrizy: If I ever
die before you meet me, I want you to take every video I ever made and find strength in it, find power, find the real magic that
lies with inside you. Soul. I’m aware one day my death will come and I’m hoping that I gave it all I could. Thinking, I think, is
sometimes a bad thing. Thinking can hold you back, right? The simple action of you
having to (gasp) right there. Think should I do this? Should I do that? That’s where the problem lies. And you evolve it, right? I’m listening to my gut
feeling, you know what I mean? The gut feeling that I have in me and I’m gonna go with it more
because I know for a fact I’m trying to ignore it most of the times. I’m already up here a lot and I feel like a lot of people are like that but they’re too scared
to listen to their gut because people say don’t listen
to yourself, listen to me. I wanna break the shackles on the mind and I want people to be
able to listen to themselves and that’s why the magic is
a representation of that. (echoes) Rebel to society, I’m
not here to please you. They say the eyes are
the windows to the soul. As I look deep into yours,
here’s a second question. (hiphop music) Did you sell your soul to
feel accepted by society? Motivational speaker Les Brown once said, “In every day, there is 1,440 minutes.” “That means we have 1,440
daily opportunities” “To make a positive impact.” And if I die, I hope I impacted one person’s life positively.>>Fan: First time meeting
Jibrizy, love his magic, saw him on Penn and Teller
and it’s just awesome to see him out here, in
life, doing his thing. Subscribe to his channel.>>Oh man, thank you
man. I appreciate that.>>(laughs) Definitely, was definitely.>>Walph: Jibrizy and this guy, bro! That’s it, I’m not sleeping tonight. I’m not sleeping tonight! I’m famous bro.>>Jibrizy: When I was kid, I used to imagine that I’d be one of the world’s most well-known magicians. And now, I actually am. True magic lies in your imagination. Okay, so Crystal, are you really
good with your imagination?>>Crystal: Sure.>>Do you ever wander back
to the times you were a kid? And you wanna relive those moments, right?>>Okay, yeah.>>Wanna live one right now?>>Sure.>>Alright so look, check it
out. I got a deck of cards. Celine, I’ma crack it open. On the back of the cards,
I got a little cartoon. Now, we’re gonna relive one moment, right now of this moment. Just name one card. Any card.>>Say it out loud?>>Out loud.>>Seven of hearts.>>Seven of hearts? Okay, look. I’ll go through the
deck and I’m gonna find the seven of hearts. Boom! Right there, seven of hearts. Awesome. So look, check
it out. So I’ll do. Seven of hearts, Crystal
hold your hand open. Keep it right there, put your thumb down on top
so it doesn’t fly away. Now, see that’s not the magic trick. You see, the magic moment is this. When I drew on these cards, I drew one prediction at
the very end. Check it out. The figure, if I go through, he reaches into his hat, he pulls out one card and that card is…>>(laughs) What?>>The seven of hearts.>>That was crazy.>>The cartoon moves and
he takes his hat off, he reaches into the hat,
pulls out one card…>>[Girl With Wavy
Blonde Hair] No way! Wow.>>[Girl With Straight
Blonde Hair] (laughs)>>Celine: No. That’s
insane. That’s amazing.>>Fear is something that rules our lives. Day in and day out. You never get a break. You never get a break. Until you break it. Until you break it. Here’s a question. (yelling) Here’s a question. (yelling) Here’s a question. (yelling) Do you feel scared to be you? Soul. (hiphop music) I’m a magician, hitting the
streets and doing magic. Becoming this generation’s
best magician, alive. (hiphop music) I want you to go ahead and
pull one card out. Any card. Alright, what was your name again?>>Walph.>>Walph? Alright, Walph
take a look at the card show it to everybody here. You guys wanna see it? Come in. This is the world’s fastest
magic trick, I promise you. Alright Walph, call stop anywhere.>>Stop.>>Right there? Put it back.>>You didn’t see that right?>>No I didn’t see it. I
promise I didn’t see it. Alright so let me get it nice
and lost. So look, watch. Walph, your card isn’t on the top?>>Nah.>>And it’s not on the bottom.>>Neither.>>Walph, hold you hands out. So look, this is what I’m
gonna do. Hold both hands out. I need both hands. Yeah, beautiful. Now Walph, what you’re gonna
do, is you’re gonna go ahead and place your hands now down,
nice and tight onto the card. Squeeze the cards, I
need you to squeeze them. Squeeze them even tighter.>>I’m squeezing it.>>Alright, perfect. Now whatever you do, do not let go, okay?>>Okay.>>Alright, check it out.
Keep squeezing, don’t let go. Keep squeezing. Watch, I’ma snap my fingers
and it will jump to the top. You guys ready? Watch.>>No way.>>(fingers snap) Just like that. Pick your hand up nice and slow.>>Man In Jacket: You’re close.>>Oh wait, that’s not the
top. This is the top, right?>>Nope, I’m sorry.>>Oh wait, I said this was the
world’s fastest magic trick.>>Yeah.>>Walph, did you time the trick?>>I believe in you, if you
fucked up on this shit, well, I believe in you. Where’s my card?>>Walph, did you time the trick?>>Nope.>>You didn’t time the trick?>>I didn’t.>>Check your watch. (crowd goes wild)>>[Lady With Striped Dress]
Wow! What the hell? Oh my god. How the hell did you do that?>>What the fuck?>>(laughs) (hiphop music)>>Yo, do you wanna marry my mom?>>(laughs)>>I saw the God with you.>>Appreciate the love, homie. Now to answer the question,
did I sell my soul to do magic? And before I answer that,
let me put this into context. When we hear music, sometimes
we describe it as soulful. Whether it be when we hear
a person sing, play piano or any musical instrument in general because we can hear that this person is pouring out their heart,
pouring out every last ounce of their body. Their mind, body and spirit. And when I do magic, I give
it my mind, body and spirit. So to answer that question,
yes. I did sell my soul. To do magic. It you liked this video, make sure you go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel from
more new street magic videos just like this. There’s literally no others
on the face of the internet, that are just like this show. Also, if this video
here touched your heart, make sure you go over to my
Instagram page and follow me @Jibrizy and DM me and just
tell me what you thought about the video, I’m always willing to hear. Last thing, if you wanna do
magic, just like me for free, make sure you go ahead and
check the secret links down in the description below. I have an awesome magic course down below and if you wanna take it a step further, I will even ship you
my free Swag Magic Kit. With some of the most best
magic tricks inside of here. All you do is pay the
shipping, that is it. It’s a really cool kit. Alright, I’m Jibrizy
the hip hop illusionist giving magic the swag it’s never had. Peace out. Come here, hey baby cakes. Cutie.>>Maurice: I got this.>>Baby girl? (both laughing)>>Alright baby… I wanna film it differently,
I’m thinking in my head, When Maurice speaks can you


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