Hello friends in this video I am going to talk about a problem related to lucky patcher You can see santim their lucky, bitch a in-app purchase that does not work and in this video I am going to Give you the solution of this problem to solve this issue you have to just go to the lucky patcher application And go to the Switches, and you can see here that the many switches available for Google license verification evolution Google service for Play Store licensed service for paste or Google billing emulation mirror Google billing for the in effort in happy Malaysian inept service to Google Play Store and many others switches you can found here you have just to go to the Neck go to the proxy server for Google Play Store if your phone do not have the exposure mark If you wrote you do not is trolling the Express framework then just on the proxy server from Google Play Store But if you have the xposed framework then You don’t need to activate this option. You just keep the as Default and Go to the settings settings here and sorry setting go to the expose settings export ratings and Here you can see that the signature verification status always true disability a signature verification verification in package manager support for Lvl evolution and in-app purchase and You can just you just check the first for option and hide activated option is optional you can do it or not it is not a Sincere we have just checked the first for option and just click on the apply after that even see That the inner purchase act works properly


  1. Guys I know what version it is it's none you need root to have those settings just download king root on chrome to get root on android it worked for me

  2. I need help, I didn’t download my game on a andriod device, I downloaded it on a apple device. Can you help? 😢

  3. It's always says that the device ur using isn't connected to Google play services even though it's connected…before used to successfully use lucky patcher and make purchases but now there's problem…help me out please

  4. In app purchase for mock location full version ..
    If u can help me let me now I have subscribed your chanel ..
    But I think u had forgotten this chanel
    If you are watching my comment then next video on mock location full version in app purchase ..

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