Library Transactions

Hello Can I help you What do you need to do with this Okay, you’re checking it out, will you type in your number please? Your lunch number. Okay, we can use your name, what’s your name? Okay, speak up a little bit louder for me. Okay. I see you here Very good, you don’t have anything checked out or overdue. Here you go Your book is due in three weeks so that’s 15 school days that doesn’t count days that we’re not here So if you wonder it’s always right here on this blue card and you can even write the due date down on those Sticky notes if you want to put that in your book Okay If you want to renew it, if you need a little bit more time, then come back to us before it is due We don’t renew overdue books Okay, okay See you later Hey Hang on just a second. What do you…are you checking this out? Returning. Okay I don’t actually even need your number for you to return it So all you have to do is hand the book right to me and I can return it for you You don’t have to do anything else Okay, just make sure you always give it to someone who is working in here because if you set it down on the counter Or something like that, then we may not realize that it needs to be checked in. Okay. Thank you. Thank you I’d like to renew it, okay, will you type in your number for me please? Man you’re super fast Okay It looks like you have only had this checked out for one week so I can renew it for you if you want But it only gives you three weeks extra from the day that you renew it So that wouldn’t be very long past your original due date Do you want to renew it today? Or do you want to wait until it’s closer to your due date to get some extra time? I’ll wait until the last week it’s due. Okay, sounds good. Just make sure you get it in before it’s overdue and then we can renew it for you Thank you Thanks. Have a good day

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