LFC TRANSFER : Liverpool agree to sell Brazilian Midfielder in January

it look like Brazilian club are really
something tomorrow for the signing of Alan from Liverpool following the
original deposit if Lawrence fell as flaminian say the Rio de Janeiro sign
were the first to make bid for his permanent transfer I’ll be 40 by Globo
esporte the club offered an amount which with the NCR LT and would still give the
Reds 15% of the to a photo op it is being climbed at Liverpool are not
interested is another one so it allons is contract expiring next summer the
primal inside would like to sell him now then in another update from Globo
esporte a its climb the South Pole / interested in designing but have taken a
step back after signing the flyer price and the competition is very attracting
it is time thereís been some talk that Atletico Mineiro
are offering 2.4 million euro for Alan and science Avila team in dare to match
their interest Haskin called this auction is good news from liverpool we
will be trying to get as much as possible with his cell in January you

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