Largest white diamond at Christie’s jewellery auction

Maria Doulton: Today I’m at Christie’s and
I’m with David Warren, the international director for jewellery here. We’re going to talk about
a very special diamond. David Warren: This is really a remarkable
event in the diamond world for a diamond of this size to come on the market. But not just
101.73 carats, a diamond which is D colour and flawless. Flawless means that it has no marks inside
or outside of the stone. There are stones that are internally flawless, they’re graded
D internally flawless. But this is flawless, so it’s even rarer. Not only that, it’s Type IIa. Only about 2%
of all diamonds that come out of the earth are Type IIa. Type IIa are the most pure of
all diamonds. It’s remarkable to have a stone that’s a Type
IIa flawless that’s over 10 carats, but to have one that’s over 100 carats is really
a remarkable event in the diamond world, and this is the most important white diamond that
we’ve ever sold while I’ve been here. The stone was mined in Botswana a few years
ago, and it took 21 months to cut the stone. We are expecting in the region of US$20m to
$30m for it. Definitely it’s going to be made into a jewel, probably worn here. It might
be convertible to wear as a pendant or in a tiara. Whoever buys the stone will have the honour
of naming it. So we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s named after a country or romantically
named or named after someone’s wife, for example. We’ll have to wait and see, but that’s an
interesting part of the next bit of the story.

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