Lake Oroville Real Estate for Sale-Bangor Ranch Winery

Don’t go away. Another one of our exclusive “home movies’
is coming up next right here on Realty World TV the area’s leader in full featured video
tours. Today we are standing outside the driveway
leading to another amazing property for sale. The Bangor Winery is located in Northern California’s
newest and rapidly expanding Wine Country. Known mostly for it’s rolling foothills punctuated
with majestic old growth oak trees, the Bangor California area of Butte county is now home
to one distillery and three wineries, including this one at 5768 La Porte Road. This is the ideal opportunity to live the
dream of becoming the next owner of this turnkey estate of nearly 12 acres with a vineyard,
olive orchard, bonded winery and tasting room, and a beautiful custom Mediterranean style
home with pool and amazing outdoor kitchen. As you can see from these overhead shots there
is ample room to expand the vineyard that already accounts for nearly 2 acres of vines
with another acre having been cleared and prepped for more grapes. Also notice the 6 kilowatt ground mounted
solar array that the seller says keeps the average electrical bill to less than $250
per month. The price of this property includes far more
than just the real estate but it would take more time than I have here to highlight it
to you. More information about what is included in the price of this wonderful opportunity can be found below
or by clicking the link below to check out the Featured Properties section of my website. And now let’s go in and take a closer look
at this very fine property. Thanks for tuning in and I will see YOU at
my next home movie. Have a great day!

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