8 comments on “LA Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Negotiating To Buy Forum, Per Report

  1. Just let him buy it. James Dolan / MSG is the worst organization ever. Imagine having Staples/LA Live, SoFi Stadium, and a renovated Forum. Let the city's economy shine.

  2. To our primadonna older LA brother whom has cried for the city's attention and love, our basketball older brother who couldn't handle our growth spurt and became insecure over our success and growth. Our powder puff whiny older brother whom can't handle living in the basement because it's too hard and cold….
    We are finally leaving the dilapidated and outdated stadium we shared for so many heartfelt years, but before we do we will leave a handful of banners for Faker fans to stare at inside of Staples Center and we'll place them in a area where they can't be covered. We will move into our modern and high-tech home, and yet before we do that we'll go a mile down the road back to your old house and burn it down, or blow it up… it's however we are in the mood for on that day. Lakers might even have to move back to Minneapolis after that. I don't know how you'll be able to afford to keep the lights on at Staples. Maybe you can raise your already ridiculous ticket prices even higher. Kings you can play in our new stadium, we have no beef with you, unless you want Blamer to make his own NHL team to force you out too. It looks like the Buss family is going to have to sell the team if the LA Fakers want to stay in the city and keep it relevant.
    Don't worry Laker fans, we will gather up the rubble and will sell you a piece of the Forum for a pretty penny as a souvenir to your past so you can have something to point at and talk about as you get old purple and whacker and your grandkids come visit before they go to the Clipper game. Talk about winning on and off the court. We live in the Lakers heads and we are taking a dump in it.
    After this the Clippers might have to change their name to the LA Flex

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