Kim Kardashian Sex Tape – Secret Buyer

a mysterious buyer wants to by the
rights after the compassion sex tape not to sell the video but to basically take
it off the market that mystery buyer is can crashes reports have not there apart from not had confirmed that
the court on who once the buydig inquired as to sex tape just the take it
off the market inefficient right out in our mother right it’s very obvious is date italy says the story of a one out
because newton the guy in the lawyer asking for the semester region all by
right and ask if they have any other videos from this court action elicited using the card actions like i’m
gonna have a for myself to be strangely legacy involve a lot of
money see you soon star but the only thing about it is i’m not convinced that wilson is another
publicity ploy because as you pointed out yesterday uh… off their and it
turns out they may not be no though they make a lot of money offered
this sarcastic one source add that i found access that the can crash in almost makes royalties
off the vivid video canceled that owns the rights of the video and she actually gets she’s initially
got five million dollars but then she continues to make money based on the
number of hairs that video gets some of the l actually gets about three hundred
thousand hits per month however on the weekend of her wedding it got two million hits isle of guys in
and they’re so funny louisville congrats hitting that home tonight let me know what report okay so if
that’s ok so she may issue me a little bit of money off of
that which explains why you she reportedly made eighteen million dollars
offer wedding day and that’s in profits ok that’s amazing man who makes eighty
million dollars from your wedding affect at and so actually as i read all that together i
think maybe she’s buying things as you may
even more money bi-national and i think it off the market if it is in fact there
are she things why my shown the plywood it’s
a good investment no onion divorce i get married every time i’m in the news desk
in go to work out my board it would be even more month i think it’s can cried
as unique as even if she has the ability to purchase that tape in making them
more money off of it she has one thing standing in our way she has made a okay and why do i say
that on her wedding day raincheck texted her
something that says something along the lines that you have me to think for all
of this women leaders in the sex tape are all in a mean that’s harsh man
that’s pretty good that’s are intel out this link and not a
huge fan but that’s i think that’s daughters beds two baths below the belt well that’s brings the prisoners troll
l_a_ what

100 comments on “Kim Kardashian Sex Tape – Secret Buyer

  1. bitch please she wanted that video to go publish thats why she makes a big deal she doesnt even fuck good i bet shes just a slut

  2. @jking6509 Your obviously trying to start somthing by assuming I am jealous about how a man fucks a girl so I'm not even gonna make this into an argument. The reason I did not like the way Ray J fucks is because I wanted to see a hot celeb get fucked fast and hard. Ray J ruined the video by fucking like an old man with autism. That is my viewpoint when I watch pornos.

  3. Well done Kim you enjoyed the sex we watching you and paying for it,no wonder you becoming more famous and richer.can you start paying tax please!

  4. Actually, I just went there because I was curious, and I didn't have that for that vid. I know it seems trolly but I am being dead serious, the site was good for me at least 😛

  5. i love how these stupid people use sex tapes to get famous then claim it was just stolen and leaked. what a joke. this armenian whore and her whore mom put that sex tape out and everyone knows it.

  6. @Nasalobstruction..come on now idiot.. You know all Black men have big dicks:).. Who should she be fucking tho, im very intrigued?????

  7. The only reason why this video have more views than the average tyt video is because, the thumbnail implies its the sextape.

  8. Any girl who has respect for herself wouldn't do anything as dumb as that….. Kim Kardashian is so LOW… But the Tape is very HOT! I Found the Full version at FreeCelebAss. Just Google it….

  9. Kim Kardashian's face is like a money. 'Cause you know she's not having boyfriend without a money. And also she became famous because of having a celeb bf.

  10. I want a kick back for viewing this. My eyes and MY ego deserves it for being a real fan of this plastic chick! Sorry to say, but this woman was truly pretty before playing against nature and screwing up her face and her body. Money goes to the least fortunate "brain-wise" all of us who don't have $$ can fend for ourselves. If these celebs didn't have money, they'd be screwed! Because they can barely wipe their own ass.

  11. Few years ago you can't even find the full uncut video online, all you can find is that 5min clip from pornhub. But now it's everytwhere!!! And I gotta say that sextape wasn't all that!

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