Kantar Retail Virtual Reality team in Ciklum 2015

It is a unique project for Ukraine: the Enterprise level project, with very experienced clients available for a long period of time on the market The team is still not complete so we are looking to recruit Experienced and perceptive team members to train and educate The scope of work and focus area is quite broad It is a large and sustainable project Each of us can bring something new and diverse to the project and it will also help us to master our professional skills The team work according to the Agile principles It allows each team member to have an impact on the decisions made on the project I believe that on the horizon there will be a time when clients will not only choose some elements from a website But they will use 3D glasses or look at 3D screen and probably even walk around the virtual store to give the virtual experience of having elements in hands, to squeeze and smell them It is the biggest Enterprise solution made on the basis of Unity and the gaming engine that we have implemented for commercial purposes The project is large, offers scale and gives a very broad perspective We are exploiting a gap in the market with our niche business As it is a new and dynamic, we have no competition yet First of all, I am surrounded by enthusiastic experts As far as I’m concerned, this was one of the most important factors for me I like the scalability, actually, of the whole task; What I mean is the scope of the project impresses me Yes, probably, I was really impressed by the potential; that’s why I am here and really enthusiastic about it In my opinion, the project is really very interesting; there is team wide enthusiasm for growth and for improvement The team is very friendly and there is a dynamic, which allows self-fulfillment aligned with team success So please join our team!

2 comments on “Kantar Retail Virtual Reality team in Ciklum 2015

  1. Якщо Катерина в команді – цей проект приречений на успіх! Молодці! Дуже цікаво! =)

  2. Я предполагаю, что в этом задействовано больше средств визуализации (качественные модели, текстуры, освещение, настройки рендеринга), чем движка Unity3D. )

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