Kampert & Zoon Dreampigeons Loft Presentation Auction Video

Good afternoon, I wanted to ask you some questions.. How long have you been practicing the pigeon sport? Well I’m 29 now, so I believe already 26 years. I can’t remember my life without it. I am currently 53 and I’ve been playing the pigeon sport for 33 years. The last 25 years, we’ve been doing it better and better.. Yes indeed, I saw that your achievements become more impressive each year. I see you have olympic pigeons here in the loft. you have national ash-pigeons and more.. You play with young and old pigeons, and yearlings. So which system do you play? Widowhood or nest game? We’ve been playing nest game for the last 28 years. The old and young pigeons are never separated here. They are all cosy together in the loft, we don’t want them to have eggs too quickly. but for the really nice flights they have have their private time. Usually those are also the top pigeons like the winner of last saturday was in love too. and then we see they fly considerably faster. For the people watching this video.. End of november 2019 your auction starts on Dreampigeons… Are there things you want to mention regarding your pigeons? For example which pigeons are selected? Well in total there will be 10 young pigeos, and maybe a child of the 12 times 74, capable of doing the heavy work. So in summary, the best your loft has to offer. Yes indeed, those are the very best we have. Yes indeed, they are all amazing pigeons that we fly very well with, and the buyers will be happy with them!

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