Joe: Did Nikki Haley Go To Trump After Rex Tillerson, Kelly Approached Her? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 comments on “Joe: Did Nikki Haley Go To Trump After Rex Tillerson, Kelly Approached Her? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Nikki Haley is a low life. To undermine this president is an act of honour not treachery. She may not be dumb but she is a toady whose political aspirations are way out of her desire to serve the country. She wants God Boys job and Trumps will give it to her as he loves nothing more than a sycophant

  2. Snakes: Haley. Graham, Pence ! Moscow Mitch knows the plan. They will not Succeed in Taking Over the WH. Just more Trumpism.

  3. Joe You Are Spot On….however, She probably thinks Pence will bring her in first, then she'll bring in Graham or vice versa, Or She and Graham will outs Pence and Moscow Mitch will be the Leader and she and Graham will be his TEAM.

  4. Clearly shown how much those crooks in power for too long .. became more corrupt.. more like dictators.. they have destroyed America for years.. time to exposing them and lock them up ..

  5. How come no one cares that she is literally profiting from her status in the admin by selling books an promoting her book that's illegal. Or at least should be illegal wtf


  7. Let me get this straight: Haley wrote a book in which she confirms that Kelly and Tillerson are convinced that Trump is a danger to the US's national security and Trump promotes this book via tweet? Well, and why are republicunts defending this Putin asset again?

  8. 💥💥Oooh, My Goodnessss, It is past time for Hillary Clinton to go to jail!! The Corrupt Democrats and Republicans are doomed under Trump's presidency!! The Democrat and Republican Swamp-Rats, Swamp CockRoaches are jumping ship!! No more crooked government paid to play!! It is time to go back to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights!! ***President Donald Trump the Great White Hope of America!!***
    How many corrupt lying Democrats does it take to impeach a Republican president?!! 😁😂🤣
    ***American Born Black Men For President Donald Trump!!***

  9. Let’s all have in mind this witch Nikki Halley in the political future forum defeat at the ballot box expose her for what she is a two face witch.

  10. NiKKY Haley appeared from under a rock to defend the moron? she needs to examine the Constitution.BRIBERY and EXTORTION , .Trump did both and much more., money laundering. Abuse of power. Threatening all opposition, lowering the standards, etc etc

  11. Haley obviously wasn’t around Trump too much, she doesn’t seem to understand that going to Trump with their complaints wasn’t an option. He would never have listened to any advice they had to offer. The only way they could control him to some extent and lessen the damage to America was to undermine him. Just look at the Kindergarten the WH is left with, since the grown-ups left the room!

  12. Absolutely no time for Nimrata (we're taking names) Haley née Randhawa! Actually, I believe she might be one of the worst of the lot. No proper morals whatsoever!

  13. With all due respect, I’m glad you’re back home in North Carolina (little India) and I suggest you stay there indefinitely.

  14. I knew Tillerson was a treasonous traitor almost immediately. Guys like him would have been executed in past days for their treachery.

  15. Nikki HALEY, says Rex Tillerson and John Kelly "CONFIDED' in her. This means IF she is an ethical individual should not part with information shared with her. Yet her she is publicly revealing / exposing what Rex Tillerson and John Kelly confided in her to sell her Book. Manipulating unethitical B………ch!

  16. Nothing trump does is in America’s interests . Trump is not even recognizable to what he represented himself as to his supporters.
    That’s the confusing part, Trump does a 180, and his base remains. There is only one thing consistent, only one reason they don’t abandon him
    White Supremacy . May the Kurds have their vengeance!

  17. Sure she did, she’s a good little trump pet, even she bailed because she did not like trump policy’s, but she did not go against trump, and it’s scary to think she thinks it’s ok to break the law and doing a quid quo pro, in an election especially after how our last election went, with this
    Barnum and Bailey circus president, but her true colors are straight in your face, a book, she wants millions now for he government service, her
    Retirements are not enough ! Serve a couple yrs. and enjoy the spoils !

  18. So you go to the guy who cannot be trusted and tell him ''Hi Mr. President we try to undermine you to protect the country''? Oh wow great plan! She's a nutjob and a snake

  19. Wow…she talks like she is such an honourable woman, to honour the constitution and to talk to the president if they have any disagreement. Honourable…she won't join them to undermine trump. She chose the cheat and corrupt boss over country. Coming out now to honour herself and make trump the victim? What is up her sleeves? Definitely she has a personal agenda. Haley, I find you a detestable, sneaky woman who is a dangerous colleague. She is a venomous snake.🐍 She has stabbed her colleagues in the back. A real monster🧟‍♀️ 👹👿🥶Whoa….people better steer clear of such a despicable character…tricky woman, a real low and base deplorable as NIKKI HALEY, ah…your boss used the term "human scum". Now this term glows clearly and brilliantly with the dirty game Nikki is playing. The definition became so clear. You do not want to join your colleagues in protecting your country. Fine. You rejected it. Period. Your choice of action after that even right down to revealing the names of your colleagues, goes to show how low down a class of a woman you are. 💩💩Bad, it makes you look bad, real bad, filthy and foul. 🤭🤭

  20. I don't see justice cause in there's a woman that stole millons a pump of children that some body murdered. To keep quiet. A father and son team just getting down wrongfully with unjustified. Money .scandal crookes CIA and FBI and new officials then those that swore to up hold the law and broke every one of them right in front of you people and us .accusation of a sinister assassin plot .i seen where a person right out threaten the president life in front of the whole world when Biden said trump better watch out he might get a shive to the back with a stabbing and twisting motion all while having a evil smile on his face so yall every obe of you are disgrace. Cause yall worries about is a dam phone calls it supersedes murder the threat on the life of a president a man was murder so every body in the world wouldn't find out how many. Child.molesters we in office millons tax dollars gone just a nest of evil that's what it is. A pit of snakes from the bottom to the top. Soviet hunt dirt shall we ..anit and about the man it's the principal.rights were trampled and if they get away with crap rolls down hill time to build a dam.

  21. Every soldier that has given life and limb for this country was just died and came home dismembered . was told by this that it meant nothing cause there is no honor in our goverment none .
    You should be ashamed of yourselves. What happen tob you com on now . really.

  22. Just think: Morning Joke and the MSM has tried for 3 years to smear this great president and he'll still win in a landslide next year. You gotta love it !!!

  23. YES SHE DID AND RIGHTFULLY SO! this is treason trying to undermine the president  especially when your work under him.  trumps fault for hiring swamp rats

  24. This isn't News, we are just on repeat, repeating hearsay, fake news, fake narratives we are a society of fakeness, we legitimize our narratives through white privilege and using black props to speak our narratives reinforcing hearsay and unaccountably.

  25. They did nothing wrong, they were looking out for the country they saw first hand how danger dump is. At least they tried. Thats more than i can say for her.

  26. nikki is a traitor she rejected her position to side with the left and now wants to make money on a book deal she should not be allowed to do that she is trying to wiggle her way back in with POTUS hope he rejects that once a traitor always a traitor she knew what was going on and didnt go to him when going got hard she left she can stay gone dont trust her

  27. She violated the constitution by not saying anything. So, why now? Personal gains? I'm sorry but her family has a history of division and going against the constitution more than once in this country. Smh, Ijs.

  28. You would think someone who came from an impoverished country, where corruption runs rampant, women still have little in the way of rights, the wealth gap is one of the largest in the world, and people continue to be persecuted based on religious beliefs, would have a touch of progressive views. Instead she cozies up to Ivanka, and the rest of the corrupt Trump Klan. I guess her families academic elitism snuffed out the possibility of her being more a centrist. I do however agree with her on the Presidency. Had there been no guardrails, Trump would have already been impeached a year or 2 ago.

  29. Haley is dangerous, she is one person who would press the button and start a nuclear war… totally ghastly woman.. another wanna be King…. wouldn't trust her one iota…

  30. It's a distraction, don't look over here, look over here. Like someone else just said "shame on her" and their souls have left them…

  31. Let's not forget that it was the republican party who gave Trump the presidential nomination. Pretending to care now about Don the con's presidency is three years of ignorance, a list of political mistakes, numerous scandals and an impeachment inquiry too late.

  32. Haley is just another true believer who believes that Trump is always right. Trump has no idea what he is doing or where he is going. Undermining a president who is violating the Constitution is patriotic.

  33. Who died?? Oh yes, Al Bagdadhi! The leader of the most ruthless, evil, Islamic terrorist organization in the world. (Some of you may know him better as Al Bagdadhi the austere religious scholar), but yeah he died. MSNBC is such a joke.

  34. Ms Haley, your comet (1P/Haley) left a long time ago, and won't return until July 28, 2061.
    Your grab for publicity is obviously just to remind the Baseless Base that you position yourself halfway between "Loyalty demanded" and "I'm ready when Dumpty's out".

  35. morning joe making up lies as he goes along- what a liar! Tilerson and Kelly were fired=forced to resign. Haley is not going to be vice-[resident-morning joe is nits-no Americans died= only the communist party Kurds who were training our ANTIFA on terrorist tactics= all made up phony baloney by this backward show

  36. Omg prayers for us the American people we are under a manic in the White House. This is sooooo disturbing. Whatever Nicky you’re part of the problem too

  37. She said it goes against the Constitution and that it… is disgusting….LMAO did she actually say that?? talk about the pot callen the kettle black lol.. Has the Const ever stopped This.. pres Chump.. from his repulsive behaviors? His tramples of the Const hes sposed to protect…. endless lies and endless disregard fer the laws the executive branch is sposed to enforce.. Calling him out on it is..undermining a pres?? and thats dangerous? and unconstitutional?? LMAO again.. these folks think we are that dumb.. let it sink in..

  38. Ah, nikki, continuing in the tradition of a political prostitute . And, where in the U. S. Constitution does donald gets a pass for treachery and criminality?

  39. Trump through corruption & exploitation of a racist minority underbelly catapulted himself into the WH. The fox is in the hen house, folk. If Fox News and republicans in blind loyalty continue to endorse his corrupt behaviors it may destroy this nation. Get ready! Lord save us and deliver us from evil.

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