Is My Art Good Enough to Sell? From Hobbyist to Entrepreneur

is my art good enough to sell every
artist asks themselves this crucial question at least once at some point
during their growth we’ll be addressing that question and more in this video
stay with me I’d like to address that question right
now I’d like to answer in fact but first if you’re joining me for the first time
welcome hey I’m JetFalco fellow ARTrepreneur I’m a creator deep within the
process of developing my own business that centers around my art so it’s a
passion of mine to share what I’ve learned with artists looking to do the
same thing with their art whether you are a drawer an actor crafter a brewer
whatever it is you do I’ve developed this video series for you to just try
and keep it all level enough to apply to pretty much anyone so welcome are
tripping oars I’m so glad you’re here I actually had a bunch of different videos
planned for this weekend but honestly I just wanted to get another Archer
preneur episode on this playlist so you don’t have a dead end and so now you
have some additional content to pull resources from as you start developing
your business but before we do that as always here’s your boy announcer dude
take it away all games expressed within this content are based on the creator’s
opinion and experience effects have sources cited the peepers own experience
is based on their own drug hard work and determination yeah you knocked it out of
the park man I appreciate it oh yeah you forgot the last part results might be
read that’s the probably the most important part so it’s just a quick
little something we like to get out of the way first and let’s just get right
into this episode let’s ask our self that hard-hitting question is my art
good enough to sell and like I said I’d love to answer that question right now
and I want to answer it and there’s almost a hundred percent chance that
you’ve probably asked yourself that in the past countless times perhaps and
maybe you’ve already come to a conclusion of your own and that’s
perfectly fine but it doesn’t hurt to get that extra source of input and
opinion and maybe just another point of view to help buff out the edges and Paul
off that answer to the best of our ability it just makes more sense right
okay well here’s what I think in order to answer that question to the best of
our ability we are going to have to ask ourselves a more powerful question that
will take us to the next level of deeper thought and here it is am i a hobbyist
or am i an entrepreneur entrepreneur it’s French for and to the preneur moon
true blue moon okay but this question goes straight to the heart of the matter
whether or not your art is good per se or if it attracts a substantial audience
or even the right audience you have to ask yourself which one are you
are you a hobbyist or are you an entrepreneur and if you already know
which one you are how do you move from one to the other and in this case almost
everybody watching these videos is already the hobbyist I mean that’s why
you’re here right you want to know what it takes to go from that hobbyist level
to the next level of entrepreneur right to better understand that process we
need to take a more intimate look at each one of these terms let’s start with
the first one hobbyist wikipedia defines a hobby as a
regular activity done for one’s enjoyment typically during one’s leisure
time and not professionally not for pay let that sink in not or pay I know it’s
tough to hear but we all do it we all have our hobbies in fact here’s the
first question of the day what is your hobby what do you love doing simply for
the fact that it’s fun it’s something that you normally wouldn’t take pay for
because you believe the fun itself is its own reward I invite you to leave
your response in the comments below and I’ll definitely do my best to try and
reply to each and every one of you part of the entrepreneurs process is building
the community of artists and every successful Archer preneur is part of
that network so I invite you all to leave your response in the comments
below did you know that hobbies tend to follow societal trends for example a
hundred years ago people were collecting stamps and coins and
graphs but with the technological advances that have come this far to this
day we are doing things like immense 4k like tracing video games
augmented reality AI those have become our hobbies now I know people who just
build robots for fun they don’t even get paid doing it our hobbies have evolved
over the years and also due to those advancements it is easier than ever to
share our hobbies online and you’d be surprised just how much a fellow
hobbyist or even an enthusiast someone who doesn’t do the hobby but they
appreciate you doing it for them you’d be surprised how much these people are
willing to pay you for your hobbies which coincides with our next term let’s
take another intimate look at entrepreneur so wikipedia also defines
entrepreneur as someone with the capacity and willingness to develop
organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to make a
profit my breakdown of that is maybe it’s someone willing to take on the
origination organization preservation and expansion of a business and take on
all the financial and personal risks of doing so now let that sink in that’s
like a whole new world compared to the hobbyist side what from that definition
stuck out to you is that the developing side does creating and nurturing
something from origination to organization and so on does that stick
out to you or is the managing side actually know several people in my life
who excel at managing people places things events and maybe that’s you as
well all power to you that’s a great skill to
have but maybe something that stuck out to you and the definition was the
capacity and willingness to help the business evolve because it does take a
lot of personal strength and emotion to cultivate something out of nothing but
you know what really stands out to me and maybe it stuck out to you as well
there was one word there that really hit home and it was risk
the risk it’s the whole reason why so many hobbyists keep their hobbies as
hobbies and it’s not even related to skill all that much I’ve met so many
artists at comic-con where they show me their sketchbook and they are leagues
beyond my own skill they obviously went to art school and they helped hone their
craft to a point where they could take it pretty much anywhere but then it’s
like at that point their hobby aside has developed so well that if they didn’t go
to business school at the same time which is near impossible for any human
to balance that amount of work but that hobby side eclipsed their
entrepreneurial side so when I first asked you that question is your art good
enough to sell it’s possible that risk was the first thing that popped up in
your head I know for many people risk is already very apparent it’s why a lot of
us artists choose to just hang back and take it easy
we might be too afraid of what others think of our craft and we will get much
much deeper into the fear side of things and overcoming exactly what it is that
keeps you from moving to the next level in other videos and like I always say
stay tuned into these our trip renewals episodes because we’re gonna get way
deep into stuff like that it’s gonna be fun I’m really excited to share my own
fears and how I overcome them every day to do what I do even just standing here
in front of this camera lens they just stare at me like a blank dead ice
they’re like that awkward kid who stares at you on the bus it is weird but I have
to overcome that fear just to talk through it to the people I care about
but for now I can teach you a little trick that I’ve learned to help manage
the risk risk as we all know cannot be avoided it is inevitable it’s gonna come
sooner or later oh my god I sound like a damn insurance ad and risk is on the way
and for many of you it’s already here did you know that 20% of all small
businesses fail within the first year of origination with over half of small
businesses failing after the fifth year and that’s insane and I don’t mean to
scare you with that fact I just want to put it all into a perspective where you
can understand that risk is a part of daily life
unfortunately enough it cannot be avoided but it can be alleviated and
there’s one simple word that we all need to remember as we go day-to-day
throughout our our art business lives and its balance so how does balance
blend in with the world of art simply put it doesn’t matter how good you are
at your craft or even how good you are at developing a business the real
challenge here and if you take away anything from this episode please let it
be this you need to establish a delicate balance between your hobby side and your
entrepreneur side it’s like two sides of the same brain
you got your creative right and your analytical left but day to day too to
maintain a balanced lifestyle we need to tap into both sides and they’re right
and some people actually do exceedingly well with the entrepreneur side and
their business growth skills are literally off the charts they do really
well in cultivating a successful business but a few weeks into their
season of success if they don’t have that delicate sense of balance they’ll
start to notice a certain drop off at a point where they’ll start to lose touch
with their true passion and their hobbies starts to suffer and odd they’ll
start to notice members of their audience will slowly drift away you
start to see this everywhere even on YouTube people start to lose interest at
some point and some people obviously really excel with the hobby side they
hone in on the craft they go to school and they perfect their skills to a point
where they feel comfortable taking their art anywhere but then where do we learn
the business side of things the numbers will start to get stale if we don’t
apply ourselves and bring ourselves out to the entrepreneur side of things and I
actually went through a similar season to this where you’re not seeing any
numbers bro we all have them these tough seasons things will get really tough and
they’ll affect you to a certain degree but I learned that’s where a delicate
balance between hobbyist and entrepreneur comes into play tons of
artists have probably told you even tons of artists have probably even told you
here on YouTube that you need to take your hobby and become entrepreneur you
need to level up and evolve into an entrepreneur
or and I’ll say right now that’s where we are gonna have to disagree one of the
most valuable things a previous mentor of mine told me about a decade ago is
that life is all about balance there are two sides to every coin and if that coin
isn’t constantly propped up or spinning on a display or even being flipped
you’re only gonna see half of that coin you’re completely missing 50% of the
deal right why do you think coin collectors buy two coins per set you
order them online you get two coins per set why is that the display cases for
coins come with two slots you want to see the front and the back of the coin
right if you’re gonna properly display your collection I mean I don’t collect
coins myself but no disrespect if you’re a coin collector you you’ve got the
entrepreneur site set up just nice because coins could be worth a lot of
money I’ve seen actually I was always picked on as a kid in my nerd circle of
friends because when we would go out to the backyard and play Star Wars
lightsaber battles someone would always say all right choose your side you can
be a Jedi you’re gonna be a sit and I’m like I you know I’m just gonna sit this
one back because I didn’t want to choose I wanted to be the passionate emotional
passionate Sith but I also wanted to be the righteous justice civility upholding
Jedi as well what where was where were the great Jedi’s back when I was a kid
am i right I mean Star Wars fans know what I’m talking about
episode 9 hype just saying anyone? no? okay but you see what I’m trying to say
right I mean that’s why we call this series our trip remorse we are all here
trying to help each other out to blend a line between artists and entrepreneur
and some people will try and motivate you and say that it’s kind of like a
Venn diagram where you have your artist and you have your entrepreneur sides but
you you gotta exist right in the middle so you have a little bit of each thing
but I believe that encloses and encapsulate things and secludes things I
believe it’s just you know you just got to blend it all together and you’ve got
to have get balanced you can tap into each one
at will but you have to find a way to incorporate entrepreneur side whenever
you go through artists decisions think how can I make this decision affect my
business in a positive way or if you’re going to make a piece of art how can I
make this piece of art affect my entrepreneur site in my business for
example inktober is underway right now it’s about halfway through
sometimes when I’m drawing a piece of line art for inktober I’m thinking I
really need to make this so I can build off of it in the future
I’ll start with a sketch so a lot of my inktober entries are just sketches but
if I really like it or if a theme develops from this piece of art I’m
going to take it and evolve it into an art print but I can sell it conventions
right see how I’m tapping into both the artists skill and the entrepreneur skill
so it’s not a Venn diagram it’s not a slope it is simply existing in both
sides at the same time you’re a to half brain person you have those two halves
you can use them at any time it’s just like that your entrepreneur side lives
on your left analytical brain and your artist lives on your creative right
brain so you need to blend those together and tap into them with your
neurons firing at all seconds tapping into each side at will and it is so
possible you guys so that’s a common theme you’ll see throughout the archer
preneur series and in my work and on social media everywhere I apply myself
it’s all about balance there are two sides to every coin just to remember
it’s kind of like a game in your head remember we remember the rules to
tic-tac-toe checkers battleship even old playground games or square you know
Foursquare right you know the rules because it was a game in your head so
remember this is a game in your head two sides to every coin right before you go
formulate an opinion about something before you make the next big business
decision take a step back and say what is the other side of this coin what can
I do to step out of the situation or problem or decision and ask myself what
is the other side of this whole thing so I can get the right knowledge
to help me better understand and make up a more fluent decision two sides to
every coin simple as that it’s really a simple phrase like that is
really something that’s helped me remind myself daily and keep the balance in
pretty much everything in my life I’m not saying it’s the key to a successful
life it’s just one of the many cool tricks that you can remember to achieve
that sense of balance and I’m not even a coin collector it’s just a simple phrase
that just makes sense and honestly I hope all this makes sense
these videos are the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to do as an artist a
creator video maker and Archer preneur and honestly just a human being it’s
taken a lot out of me I’ve dedicated a lot of my free time to
researching planning organizing recording and editing oh my god editing
look at this 11 something 12 hours almost
yeah that’s not even all the way that video took me like at least 15 hours to
render 4k video it’s the wave of the future no arguments there but if you’re
gonna make 4k video just a protip plan ahead for rendering guys because a 20
minute video could take at least 20 hours to render in 60fps so yeah
something to keep in mind for all you video makers out there
yeah I’ve dedicated so much free time to this it’s basically my hobby now and I’m
okay with that I love making videos and I love reaching out helping all those
people all those artists out there who need help just like you so I really hope
this helps you about I wanted to start this series off with a good healthy
strong intro video like you saw previously and this episode which
basically just outlines one of the most essential components that you’ll need as
we go in to developing your business career in art and that simply put is
balance between hobbyist and entrepreneur everyone has the ability
that’s happened to those two things as they go forth and develop their business
so no matter what you do or where you go with your craft and your
business if you don’t have a healthy sense of balance you’re gonna have a
tough time future challenges are gonna threaten your success so let us all work
together to learn how we can develop and maintain sustain a delicate sense of
balance with our work keep watching this ARTrepreneur series and with each new
episode you’ll grow a better understanding of how each aspect can
affect your career if you did find any of these tips helpful or any sense of
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  1. What is your Hobby? What do you love doing simply because doing it is its own reward? Thanks for watching everyone! I've got much more entrepreneurial art-business-based content coming your way. I hope this helps you out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You know most of my hobbies- webcomics and 40k!

    One of my biggest fears before starting a business is art that still haunts me to this day is the fear of succeeding to a point only to find that some important step along the way was missed, thus undoing all of my hard work in some way. Pretty nebulous, as I donโ€™t know what sort of missed step that could be, but it still keeps me up sometimes.

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