“Infinity War” and other Movie-related comics and art in May auction

Berry Sandoval here to show you some
lots in our May comic auction that tie-in with current or upcoming movies
let’s start with April’s big movie Avengers infinity war and you probably
already know about one of Marvel’s greatest bad guys
Thanos here is early character design art by his creator jim Starlin circa
1971 72 we’ve also got almost 20 pages of original art from the Infinity
Gauntlet and infinity war series we’re just showing you one example here I did
say almost 20 pages you got 20 chances to get this right so don’t mess it up
hey and guess what we’ve also got the first appearance of any infinity stone
in the Marvel Universe that came in Marvel premiere number 1 and this page
comes with the huge bonus of being the first time that the character warlock
got his name okay take a bite of a chimichanga as we move on to Deadpool 2
which is coming out May 18 now that character first appeared in New Mutants
number 98 and we’ve got the second page from that issue that he ever appeared on
July 6 coming into theaters as ant-man on the wasp and this is a key page from
the wasps first appearance in tales to astonish number 44 in fact this is the
page where a Janet Van Dyne makes that fateful decision to become the wasp
and it’s art by Jack Kirby and Don heck a movie that we won’t see until next
year is Shazam and as I’m sure you know that’s the
character who was originally known as Captain Marvel here’s his first
appearance in whiz comics number one and not just any copy this is the best copy
of this book that heritage has ever offered now just a couple of days ago we
found out that Steven Spielberg is going to direct a blackhawk movie that’s going
to be a couple years away apparently but we think it’s fair to say that the most
desirable Blackhawk comic on the planet would be the mile-high copy of his first
appearance and guess what we’re selling that very book in this auction this is
military comics number one from 1941 and it’s a CGC 9.4 and now let’s move into
the realm of speculation for a minute I thought we’d look at just a few
characters who might be movie headliners again in the future
but will there be a Doctor Strange – I don’t know but I do know this page would
be a prize regardless because it’s page 1 of Doctor Strange number 1 and the
same goes for a future Justice League movie whether they make one or not who
wouldn’t want the highest-graded copy of their first issue you see it right here
now the Joker we’ve heard might be in his own movie but if he isn’t you’re
surely going to see him as a villain in someone else’s and we’ve got his first
appearance which was Batman number one this one’s grated 5.5 no less and you’ll
recall that’s cat woman’s first appearance too – and also I can’t imagine
that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles won’t be back in a movie at some point
and here’s their first issue which as you probably know had a very low
oh and by the way our May auction has sixteen hundred other Lots in addition
to these so you can check out the whole catalog at HA.com

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