Increase Your Sales by 39% with One Easy Sales Trick

There are hard ways to increase sales and then there are easy ways I personally prefer easy ways this in fact reminds me of one of my favorite clients Danny Danny sells Software to Enterprises and For a bunch of years his sales were stagnant for about three years in a row Before we ultimately met and with one weird little trick We were able to increase his annual sales By [thirty] [nine] percent in just that first year the awesome thing is that it was easy to do He didn’t have to work more. He didn’t have to make more calls or even do anything [difficult] So would you like to know what we did to increase his sales by [39%] in this video I’m going to show you the one weird trick that increases sales by 39% check it out So before [I] actually show you this trick I? want to set some context most [salespeople] are creating their own problems by revealing price without creating context by which to Even justify that price in the first place and so the trick I call Discovering the Delta the first part of discovering the Delta starts by learning about your prospects key challenges pertaining to what your solution solves so for example if You sold something that’s solved let’s say operational challenges I would want you to spend the first part of the conversation with the prospect really digging into those operational Challenges understanding all about those challenges why they exist what they’ve done to try to fix them in the past and Really determine that those are key challenges that they want to solve once you have those challenges in place Now it’s time to discover the Delta the first piece of that is Asking the total cost of those challenges so a simple question might be George I really appreciate your telling me about these challenges What would you say this challenge costs you by learning the cost of those? Challenges now you’re starting to actually create [value] in this sales process and Maybe you’re starting to understand what I mean by Delta at this point The Delta is the distance between where they are right now and where they’d [like] to be? The cost of those challenges is the Delta if we go back to the example of solving operational challenges Let’s say you’re asking about your prospects challenges And they tell you oh well you know these challenges are costing us at least five million dollars now That’s the Delta that’s the value that your solution is going to create in the eyes of your prospect You’ll notice you didn’t throw out that number you got them to throw out that number That’s how we’re creating value And that’s how we got danny ultimately to create way more value in the sale and then the last key piece of this process of Discovering the Delta is now It’s time to get a budget to fix those challenges [so] [with] Danny now that we spent time to understand what those challenges [cost] Then it becomes time to find out what the budget is of that prospect to fix those problems [so] again if the challenge cost five Million dollars you might ask a budget question like George so tell me based on this five million Dollar challenge What could you imagine investing in order to solve that issue? Can you see what I did? I just created so much context by which a prospect can now pull together a budget Chances are you’ve asked for a budget in the past But I would guess that very few [salespeople] have provided that [kind] of context to create a Reasonable answer for a budget by then asking that budget question the prospect is now coming up with their own budget and You’ve helped create that context with that five million dollar number or whatever the number is this is how We are able to dramatically increase the size of a typical sale And at the same time you’re going to increase the likelihood that they’re going to see value in your solution in the first place Because you didn’t just throw out a price that to the prospect is going to seem arbitrary This is the process of creating value in the sale, or identifying the Delta so there is the one weird trick that increases sales by 39 percent now of course is it definitely going to increase your sales by 39 percent? It’s a tough number to be exact about but I would challenge you that if you actually use this approach You are going to see a dramatic increase in yourself. [I] want to hear from you Have you ever used any trick like this before [if] so? what was the result be sure to share in the [comment] section below and I’ll Respond to every single comment that I can get to and if you enjoyed this video, then I have an incredible free ebook on twenty five tips to crush your sales goal, it’s this ebook it’s Unbelievable [all] [you] have to do is just click right here to get it instantly seriously It’s an amazing book And it’s free just click right here to get it instantly also if you’ve got some value from this video [please] like this video below on YouTube because that really helps me out and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking right here To get access to a new video Just like this one each week and lastly if you got just one useful idea from this video Please share it with a friend or two a great idea is the best gift you can give someone until next week you you

21 comments on “Increase Your Sales by 39% with One Easy Sales Trick

  1. getting a prospective client to put a figure on lost opportunities is a vital step in getting the buyer to see the value of the product/service being offered. it's not always easy as quite often irrational thinking prevents a logical discussion.

  2. Love this! Any tips on what to say if the client doesn't know how to calculate what their challenge(s) cost them?
    I sell radio and digital advertising and often come across businesses that know they need to do some marketing but don't know what an average customer is valued at, how many more customers they can handle, etc. Any thoughts on how to keep the convo going smoothly in that type of scenario?

  3. Very realistic. This makes sales more appealing to the average consumer, takes away the perception that sales people don't care about the client, when in fact the sales person has one simple goal, make the prospective client aware of what they were missing to make their business/life more efficient. good work!!

  4. How would you go about this, say for a Custom Home Build prospect? What would that sound like?

  5. I was looking forward to seeing the response to every single comments, but I see several people have asked questions that were not answered…

  6. The absolute best sales are the ones where the customer is invested. They've specifically stated that they see a gap, or a need, and they've placed a value on that need which exceeds your price point.

    Asking the correct one simple question always beats doing the mumbo jumbo dance of trying to tell your customer all the benefits you bring to the table because it saves time, saves your energy and closes deals faster.

    I'm currently working on a $179M project and making ice cold calls all day and, after a minute or so, they nearly always say can I get you to send me more information? Do all of those requests turn into immediate sales?

    Of course not. But most do and with one follow up one-minute call I'm usually at about a 70% close rate from the calls I made.

    Safe to say you very likely will fail to achieve that 70% if your product/service is ordinary or average. But if you actually have an awesome package that you can over deliver on then you're going to be better than the best rock stars.

  7. I have alot pressure to close 10 customers a day.Also I need some help when do door to door sales people want to call police Im like why?

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