Import Videos from Google Photos & Drive into YouTube

Hi I’m Peggy K. Today I’m going to show you how to import videos you’ve uploaded to Google Drive or Google Photos into your YouTube channel. To import a video from Google Photos to YouTube, simply sign into YouTube with the same Google account you use to sign into Photos, and go to the upload page. On the upload page it says “Import your videos from Google Photos” and click “Import” you can choose videos from your entire video list, or by just looking at those from your
“Auto Backup”, or organized by album. If you want to import a video you uploaded to Google Drive into your YouTube channel, ,go to your Google Photos settings and make sure that you have “Show Google Drive photos and videos in your photo library” enabled. Videos from your Google Drive will be in an album labeled Drive. Select the video that you want to import and then click the blue “Select” button. While the video is processing you can add a title, a description, tags, and add the video to a playlist. When the video is processed click “Done”. Once your video has been imported from Google Photos to your YouTube channel you can edit the video and add music, you can add a custom thumbnail, you can embed the video on your own website or blog. You can easily share the video to Google+, Twitter, Facebook or other social media. You can add the video to playlist, which also can be shared or embedded on a website, and much more. It’s the way to get your video seen! And if you’re a YouTube Partner you can even monetize it and make a little bit of money. If you found this video helpful, click my channel icon to subscribe for more creator tips!

56 comments on “Import Videos from Google Photos & Drive into YouTube

  1. Great to see Google interlinking all these apps and making our lives online even easier. I am starting to use Youtube even more these days so great to know I can leverage Drive as well :> thanks for the tip! (found your channel via Ileave :> she rocks too)

  2. at :40 there is a massive missing part
    I have been trying to import google photo vid to youtube and they do not go
    BUT if download to my computer then upload it does

    FYI this video is way old, I never seen it do that when the process is done the page disappers, never get there

  3. This won't work in any Google Apps account, so it's useless to teachers…… (why I don't know, that's what teachers need to do….)

  4. On my phone, its says I've got the video but on my laptop, it says I don't. When I import videos from google photos it doesn't come up with anything.

  5. Please help me I am uploading video directly by YouTube from my phone but I wants to upload from chrome of mobile but album is coming empty

  6. Google changed settings menu and now there is no option to show Google Drive photos&videos in the photos library. They replaced it with "Sync photos & videos from Google Drive"… This option is NOT good.

  7. Need to download from "Google Drive" NOT "Google Images"….Google should make this process alot easier…

    New setting in Google Photos Settings:
    Google Drive: Sync photos & videos from Google Drive. Learn more. (I don't want to sync anything, I just want to upload a video from Google Drive to YouTube/Google)

  8. Hmmm, when I look at my settings in google photos I have a slightly different menu and the Drive option is no where to be found.

  9. For Android:1:Copy The video link from the YouTube site.2:Go to YT TO MP3 and Paste the link into the bar that's given.3:Press Mp4 and after that press Download.4:Go to drive and upload to video.I hope this works for you guys

  10. Hey Peggy,
    I've got a video I'm trying to upload, but it's 23 GB. Your method works for every other video in my google drive (smaller files) but not this one. Any idea if there's a way around this?
    Thanks in advance.

  11. didnt work for me… i have videos on gdrive i want to move to youtube, but its not giving me access to those, once i assign google photos to youtube.

  12. If you are having trouble importing video from Google Photos into YouTube it may be one of these reasons:
    * If you use a G Suite account, you will not have the option to see your Google Drive videos in Google Photos

    * As of July 10, 2019, Google Photos will no longer automatically sync photos and videos with Google Drive. Any images that were synced from Google Drive before that date will remain in Photos as a separate copy.
    * Import into a YouTube channel that is on a Brand Account has not worked for almost 2 years, and i don't think it's likely it will be fixed
    * The new Youtube desktop video uploader (currently in beta) does not have the option to import video from Google Photos.

    If these features are important to you, do send feedback to YouTube directly to let them know!

  13. I know how to do this already… but I don’t know how to import videos from google photos and videos to YouTube app on my iphone? Do you know how to do this?

  14. after the new changes use

  15. Hi! Thanks for the tips. I'm trying to get some of my personal videos, taken on my phone and stored in a personal google photo account onto my youtube brand account. Do you know how to do that?

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