I’ll BUY ANYTHING you can ROLL Challenge! | JKrew

I’ll buy anything you can roll one three
should I pick the gas station American Girl doll store and whatever number we land on we have
to pick a store and the time and you know I love these challenges yeah I’m
gonna waste your money I don’t think so because you don’t know the amount of
have in there brothers you gets to roll the dice first I wonder what you and I’m
gonna pick what three should I pick I think this one I’m filling up okay
American Girl doll store fair Oh Maddy you can share it so like
if I heard something no what would I do that you 130 bucks
oh let me choose 50 guys we are at the American Girl doll store and I have
three minutes and a hundred and fifty dollars to spend so this is gonna be
really hard to put really amazing so go okay so I may get this camp set it’s $25
so yeah let’s keep looking Cheers okay so we’re going to do one thing and
time is going by so that I need a hurry you guys is really nice actually how much is $30 I’m gonna get this for my boy doll yeah
let’s see that it’s $28 okay so I’m gonna get this back because I can’t
carry everything let’s go young me get that it is $28 how much
money I spent oh you hate yes yes nice outfit one minute left Oh No
I don’t want it again shouldn’t get it all I don’t know it oh my gosh I’m so
nervous okay I’m done okay guys I got my bag and stuff and I
kind of went over budget 20 over yeah let’s go
my turn let’s get something to you guys okay
this one or this one it’s true dis- meant this one
I think the middle yeah the mineral can go with this one go
away Leah Parker anyone anyone or they’re just gonna come for him and then
they’re gonna come first to anyways okay guys we’re right now in Sarah and this
is gonna be super hard because there’s so much cute stuff in here I’m not to
pick so this timer is 2 minutes and 30 seconds it starts it’s nervous but I
know that cheating I can look around now okay okay just kiss you on three dollars
okay okay so we’re done to spend oh you okay no no no no no no no okay guys so right
now a brandy melville and one minute to spend in there and I only have $13 so
and this place is really expensive so I don’t think I’m gonna get a lot of stuff
so anyway is artists three two one okay so I got a bread and beans for
cancer three dollars and I mean I’m getting it
this is horrible and this one’s good so the destination five dollars five
seconds you might go into the gas station what don’t let go in there for
tips the gas station five dollars and thirty seconds it’s not that’s not
okay so we’re at the gas station and I have 30 seconds on the clock
we so easy Joseph five dollars
and I’m free timer okay which one this is
any tougher guys rich is a top 150 dollars spent and that’s a lot of money
so I think I’m gonna go how about this this is such a big bag okay so I really want some cases okay well I like this one case actually I don’t know what else to get you guys oh my gosh every one minute in ten
seconds guys I totally forgot to keep track of the prices so I don’t know if
I’m over budget or under but I think I’m done anyways so I had 40 seconds left on
the timer let’s go buy it now I have to back towards my up a lot of stuff now
let’s go jealous okay seems to be good okay this one’s I have a bad feeling
about these it sound like a total bad feeling at the dollar store okay we’re at Dollar Tree and 11930 gets
ready go glass school is starting and I do need a little bit more specialized
I’m gonna have any cute things like target target I love socks let’s get
some socks okay one two three let’s get four five six seven eight can we we need to get twenty things
because the dollar store um I guess some glue you know something good I don’t
care so eight nine because Jewish Athens a when it bubbles gonna have a big
bubbles okay plates I love please yeah I’m gonna just
make my grandson’s birthday totally getting this okay this is like a whistle
I don’t get the stuff I ran out of time no put all my socks back my plates and
my grandson’s birthday card to talk what okay let’s see we talking about okay so
here right now Obama and I already know to get so let’s just start this timer
ready set go when is the toilet section have to be so
far okay I want Legos where’s the $9 yes I’m gonna get this I
think that’s it okay so the timer ran out and this is
what I got a mini and Lego set and this is the only thing I could buy because it
was nine dollars so yeah let’s go okay you’re mad you’re
good can you guys I’m at the line friend store and I only have one Nate at 40 bucks okay that’s simple I’m gonna get this mouse Patti’s gonna
have mouse but I’m running out of time 4 3 2 1 done okay okay guys so I got the candy store
I have three minutes to get my ID so let’s do it
ready go motherfuckers three dollars that’s good okay we’re
gonna get a lot of candy let’s get all the flavors $2 each 14:16
so is this $3 yeah so 60 plus 3 $90 okay guys I only have to take $4 left
I don’t know how penny would but this is a gummy bear the $22 likewise it’s so
expensive $5 yes she’s not gonna get this kinder
egg we’re getting this and I’m done well okay I’m gonna pick not you your
bowl you’re good with beer so okay guys grab little bear and I have $30 to spend
this is gonna be easy sorry you know what I want shower starts
no I love this notion right here goes bulb a bunch of cute clothes little bear this skirt is adorable I love this
barclays jean skirt it’s so adorable okay we’re gonna get this and this is
five five dollars okay now I’m going to be a nice and generous sister and me to
ask me something I’ll bet this bed and how much is this $24 oh my gosh wow that’s cool
oh wow okay let’s go pay

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