I’LL BUY ANYTHING IN YOUR COLOR Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts

(Music: We the #Legends) Sockie: There is going to be Biggy: Special announcement, Sabre is having a bad hair day with this pop-top thing (Laughter) Biggy: What’s the vlog idea? Mama: Well, I’m not going to tell you what we’re doing yet. Mama: But what (Laughing) Mama: But what I will tell you is you have to dress from head to toe in your favourite colour Mama: And you will have 5 minutes Mama: Okay? Biggy: Wait, what what’s the challenge? Mama: Ready? Grab a vlogging camera Mama: Go! Biggy: Legends we have this type of vlogging camera, slender mum in the open! Oh my gosh! Biggy: Watch out! Nazzy: So what we’re going to do, you’re gonna squeeze into my clothes since it is pink Sockie: No way Sabre: Biggy, Biggy, do you have anything that’s all pink? Biggy: I am not wearing pink (Naz gasping) Sockie: We’re not doing pretty Biggy: Sabre I have some white shorts! Sabre: Those are oatmeal shorts Biggy: Is that what oatmeal is? I thought it was like a breakfast Sockie: Naz, blue, blue Nazzy: Pink Biggy: Sabre and me are best friends today Nazzy: What about pink? I have so many pink things! Sockie: Yeah, but I don’t have any Sabre: Can’t find some white pants, Biggy Biggy: We’re getting black Sabre: We’re gonna do white Sockie: Found some dark blue stuff? Nazzy: Magenta Sockie: That’s pink Biggy: We can do green? Sabre: What’d you mean? We’ll look like broccoli Biggy: I agree, I hate broccoli Nazzy: Look that’s my outfit Sockie: That one? Well then what do I have in that colour? Biggy: I have a low like yellow thing, Sabre, like Sabre: No, yellow just fully doesn’t fit me, man, Biggy: Or you can have yellow shoes? (Sabre: No, No No) Sockie: Don’t think this is going to work, Naz, I don’t have anything in my wardrobe that’s magenta Sockie: No, I’m not going into Sabre’s wardrobe Sabre: Yeah let’s do yellow. I wanna see you in this hat (Laughing) Nazzy: Oh, why are you so heavy? Biggy: They’re fighting Sabre: They’re not as good as a team as us (Screaming) Sockie: No, I don’t want to go in Sab’s wardrobe! Nazzy: Sab, do you have anything Magenta? Sabre: Yeah, in the two bottom drawers Sockie: Sab! Don’t tell her Sabre: Biggy, you need pants man! Biggy: I don’t have any yellow pants Sabre: Yes, you do. Biggy: They’re shorts Sabre: Biggy’s got a pokemon hat, shark shirt and shorts Biggy: And these yellow shoes Biggy: Yeah, okay, okay, cool, I think Biggy: But now we gotta do your outfit, Sab Nazzy: And they’ve got sparkles. So cute. Sabre: No, I have nothing yellow! I have to go into Sockie’s wardrobe! Mama: Okay, there’s a minute 52 to go. (Screaming) Mama: Why is everyone in Sockie’s wardrobe? Sockie: Because Sab’s trying to pick yellow stuff here, you can have my pants and yellow dress Mama: Okay, guys, you need to stick down harder! Biggy: You’re gonna look like a banana Sockie: We need to get you some shoes Sabre: Quick, Biggy, I need shoes! Sockie: You’re gonna walk barefoot? Sabre: Uh-oh, was that the timer? Mama: Guys time is up. It’s all done Sabre: Uh-oh, I forgot the shoes! Mama: Are you finished? Sockie: I’m finished and Naz is almost Mama: So no one’s done? Okay, we’ll do 48 more seconds Mama: That’s it Biggy! SHOES! Ok I am going to go get my shoes. I love these shoes, but I always leave them downstairs. Although those shoes look way better. Sabre you need to get dressed! No, I need a headband first! No! Wait! Fighting! Fighting! Fighting! Headband! Sockie Master! It’s got “bananas” :Cheering: Sabre! We need to get on our outfits! No! My shoes! WE have like, 10 seconds left! Um. No. I think I am going to be too cold, Naz! 2. 1. Time’s Up! Do not touch your beautiful outifits! They are far from beautiful. We’re supposed to be handsome team, Sabre. That is so unlike you, Sockie. Do you have a parka? Parkas Coming down, yeah, let’s I just wonder where State your name baby. Double flame. I just wish the legs did it again Oh. My. Goodness. You guys look amazing! I never thought I would see the day of Sockie wearing pink. (Me neither) Mom! What are you doing? The vlog! The vlog! The vlog! You… you have to tell us the vlog idea! Okay, so for today’s vlog you are allowed to go to shops and buy anything you want In the color you’re wearing We should’ve worn brown. I should’ve worn yellow! I should’ve worn white! Why? ‘Cause there are so many things that are white! You guys have made it pretty hard for yourself! Why didn’t you tell us? Cause that’s the game! Me I’m the game master! Are you happy with the color you have chosen? No, yes I I don’t like the outfit and it’s gonna be impossible to buy stuff. Txunamy I know you’re watching this… So what you’re gonna have to do is push your partner from this line to that line swap partners And then push the other partner back team who crosses the quickest I’m so happy I’ve got Biggy on my team and he always wins! Yeah, but I got Naz and she’s light. What’s your team tactic? What did Biggy say, people? Comment- I said so! Favorite elements a main Our technique is to run. And the runner says these are running shoes and the Sabre has these fancy shoes What do you think your team’s biggest strength is? That Biggy is on our team. And the positivity! The positivity I think that the biggest strength is how Nazzy is light and Sockie’s running shoes You guys should be mellow because you are yellow! You guys should be fed up because you are magenta Competitors are you ready? Okay and Biggy- You have to move just a little bit further back your team ’cause you win everything no because in Sabre’s on my team Are you ready? I won! I won! I won! Your shoes, what did you do to them, man? She fully scraped ’em. No I didn’t Nazzy tried to push me and I wasn’t ready So, #Legends, you know how I have a crush on Txunamy? Well, in a while Her Dad doesn’t really like Biggy No, no, not at all I don’t think it is anything personal, I just think that he is being protective Yeah, I think he is protecting and then I feel like I can make a deal with him so diesel Let’s cut little do me if I find your lost dog might spawn then okay I’ll be able to be Txunamy’s boyfriend Biggy, you’re never going to find the dog, man You’re scared dogs anyway, I know okay Justin I want to see what you think of this because I feel like Biggy and Sabre didn’t fully cross the line So Sockie and Naz, see how they completely crossed the line, Biggy and Sabre never did. See a bit of the dinky No the DInky never went across, see? Then Naz picked it up, see it did. No it didn’t Justin. Look. I think it is so close No, but they didn’t put it like when he lifted it then the front wheels here What’s yeah, watch this there, but when he puts it back down he puts it over the over again. So it never properly crossed Mmm, I think they should be disqualified Not they went look Sockie and doesn’t completely over okay? Okay. Tell the kids I’ve got some bad news There’s a team that’s gonna be disqualified they didn’t completely cross the line and That teams Biggy and Sab’s. We crossed the line. We did. Watch the footage. So guys I’m gonna award the extra bonus time to Sockie and Naz and also Biggy as your punishment for cheating You can’t open Txunamy’s letter That’s mean! You’re going to have to wait until next vlog, Bigs. It’s a lesson! What about their’s? Sabre’s? No! That girl’s! They didn’t cheat. They started here! Where? No you actually knew before… No! That’s where they started! Her legs were in front! Let me see this. But nothing’s touching the ground so But the legs! BUt they’re not touching the ground, Bigs! I was supposed to open that gift from Txunamy and I was supposed to open it in this vlog this vlog I couldn’t sleep and then – ANd then Mom just ruined all the fun. Diesel and Stella. Can you adopt me, please? Let’s see if I can scare Biggy from upstairs :-Sabre has a heart AtTaCk-: It’s impossible to find something that is yellow at the shops. Well I found this for Bunny and it is Magenta! ‘Cause it was in your wardrobe! Well let’s look for accessories, headbands… But you don’t like any of that stuff, Sock. Than what’s the point, then? To find stuff you like! We could find food! What food is magenta? So this teams got 40 minutes and this team has 43 and there’s one more twist. Only the winning Norris Nut team will be able to keep the items that they bought. They buy the losing team has to return everything No, no multiples ready, and it doesn’t have to be completely yellow just like more yellow than not yellow Ready? Set? Go! Naz, come back! We’ve got to run! Lets go find clothes! We are sucking so far! Sockie! What? I found Magenta things! Is that Magenta? No! you are faster than me! Magenta choc… ???? How’d you find that? I don’t know! That’s yellow? Please? Naz… Can you remember how Mom said you can buy whatever like you’re dressed in? Whatever color so we could just buy a new color outfit and then buy that type of Because pink is really hard to buy. That’s all yellow is that’s what yellow. This is a yellow Okay, then we will get passionfruit, then. Dress in white, come on! We’ll buy so many stuff! We can be like, oh we’ll win this challenge, Naz, we’re gonna win You become tacky Hey Jojo, the only bad thing legend same as e amir not really focus on getting good stats So if we do win, we’re just gonna have a bunch of stuff That’s not very good to keep so we have to try and thing about getting good stuff as well as just getting anything for your shirt Here, come on Just me get like little things I Film agenda chocolates designs the yellow safely before the business notice things we tend to toy speak very Quickly since we buying V, and I don’t know axes why but I just watch y’all So we’re gonna buy it magenta magenta magenta magenta magenta yellow enough like you I don’t know It has a bit of red but it has to be mainly yellow. Yeah four means of our precious time because It’s half of me like his mom So just ripple of win them actually go into the shoes aisle And I’m going to get some magenta shoes if I can now I was thinking about maybe getting like a gold watch. Yeah. Oh Let’s go yellow. Basically that same things I like in test if it’s magenta with my arm Magenta, no Which is my gosh am I I am or any type of copper I can tell my gentleman You serious how are you finding everything you pick your appendix? So many oh my god, you just found it Don’t worry that the other team is beating us so we have to keep rubbing down No time to celebrate. Okay, legends twenty-seven minutes to go. So he knows it going really. Well. I don’t know where biggie Having my diligence you get back to see nonny Mac. You see that cupcakes? Oh, yeah, they got my gentle boss We can put I have a cupcake we want in that ball and still be magenta. This is Sake that is not more magenta than not magenta. I don’t think you care eyes can have a cupcake Not magenta there’s a really cool banana necklace and it’s full yellow so we don’t like it on Inhumans Good night It is the red cup cupcake magenta you think? it could be all that stuff makes it cost a lot of money and we don’t know wife tip because we had put Tough is credit card so really mama No, no There is quite magenta. Is it okay if I can spend diamond earrings on for your credit cards? You could pay on your credit card Thank you, I’m worried big yellow team’s gonna come here and get the passion fruit cupcake because that’s full-on yellow Unless you try He’s gone red wall naughty me white trust movie we’re gonna go to his crustal and they I Feel the fat training all the money, but that’s not the only yellow thing. Does that match Wow, you look really killer in that pledges. What’s really really like pop that we hardly have a 17-minute life we need to have energy Is fully yellow and we could use on the holiday Like, you know how I get a picket dream holiday we can use that we could get a magenta Bah-bah me. Are these what? pokemons slippers, man Good, let’s go Is magenta magenta You can send them over to America man, they’ll be safe. Wha Thank you I’m highly pleased To Caribou down. Ah, thank you and I’m okay. Oh my gosh, my finger two things are so unstable these days No, that’s magenta but let’s check out the back would say And nothing. Hmm. That’s weird Could we don’t have much fun? Look I must take you back with a credit card you say speaking other skills, maybe Thanks Masey if you saw this guy walking in the shops, you’ll be scarred for life You could chew with hand back and Pikachu slippers yikes then please wake up and get them Now the time bug we should leave right and just go finish line like me Safer being us by one object. Yeah. Why don’t I feel like we said go and finish line. Be safe So you guys know that you have about three minutes to get back to start Exhibited the baby food. That’s magenta. I Love how you wearing my handbag Sookie. I Saw the other team. I know what they’ve got. All right, sir I’m not gonna tell you but you guys have about three minutes left. So you better hurry up. Nice guys finish line. There’s We need to run you have three minutes to get back to the starting line and Last time was both your team who didn’t know where the starting line is, and I can’t help you how to get back their Legends, this team has no navigational since they’re never gonna be able to find their way back to the starting Line is that way and they’ve gone that way should I tell them or why? They’re still going in the absolute wrong direction, I know it in my phone this way I could run with only 30 seconds to go Saki needs to take a left here You have to wait three minutes until the other comes back This way she’s going the right way we’re saying a 3-minute timer, but the others to come back The other guys have one minute 50 seconds to come back in the mean time, we don’t even know now Maddie struggling with the weight of the trollee and something has completely left off. There’s a finish line quick 30 seconds Will she make it she cannot push. Oh, no. She cannot push the trolley time’s running out guys Okay, did you guys make it back in the time limit do you promise Biggie, did you really? Yeah. Yeah. Okay, and these guys made it Let’s go home and count all the things that you’ve got and see which team gets to keep them Busy if there’s a bowl one who thought there are you serious you got a $5 The plasmid should be she has to do to me sad Okay, so here’s how a magenta thing We got a bag Okay pink box of chocolates. I’m here and loving dragon bath bomb awesome And how many is that in total So you’ve got 12 things I do owe your team did really well all right Okay, I’m gonna go Finally, I have the other team win We have a lemon squishy. Oh, yeah, that was so cool. We have is my wall This is so This is what easily I don’t know the girl, um these pencils a doughnut and So how many items do you have? Altogether? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 items all together and this team had 12 but guys I Said you couldn’t get multiples and you’ve got three bath bombs. So that would bring you guys down to 11 But they can’t have three the same things Like the oppa products So and what’s that say, it’s a Honey I watch the kids, okay, that’s right. That’s a basketball band. What’s that ding, BA? Alright my official call is The yellow team has won there are different products in the magenta team that has to return their item So you guys have to go back to shops now? I know I think it’s kind of like a distinct thing that like only someone like silky would like bananas

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