If You’re Selling On Amazon You Will Need Samples 100%

hey guys Alex Ryan here so today we’re
gonna be talking about samples alright so you may be wondering what samples are
let’s say for example you have found your product so you’ve done the research
your family product you’ve found your product you’ve done your research you
know it’s trendy you know it’s actually selling right now on Amazon the next
step after that is you got to do something called sampling and what that
means sampling is simply sampling centre-right sampling is basically you
get a sample if it here’s an example of a sample right this thing right here
it’s an electric wine opener and this particular product it’s actually a
relatively newest product it’s a product that it’s if you have a bottle of wine
you basically put it on you press the button then it pulls the cork out we all
hate opening wine right so this is actually a sample so we got it we wanted
to figure out a few things right – then we want to find out first of all okay
first of all you want to know whether or not it’s got good quality right so
according is it a decent product is it something that if you if a customer
bought this particular product would they be happy with it and you’ve got to
ask yourself right so when you get this sample in right just open it up for
access for this I’m opening it up and I’m treating
myself as a customer remember that is busted right here we go nice and neat
opening up well packaged it’s in its wrapper as you just sort of see here in
this wrapper it’s got a USB charger which is awesome okay and nice and clean
there’s no tarnishes there’s no nothing wrong with that right it actually is
very clean and does it work oh I’ll see that it was all right it didn’t blow up
on me so guess what it’s a successful sample right and I’m looking a few
things now look at the packaging now do I need to actually package it’s got it’s
got a few things in here it’s got the mail in China sticker right which is
something you need on all the products either made in China are stared on the
packaging you also have got features right here
which is good right do I need to do customized packaging footage so you
probably don’t you actually probably don’t need to do anything to this
originally right if you wanted to if you wanted to customize this you could do it
on a second order but err over there point here so the point of this was in
sampling you test the quality right you then look at the packaging is it
something that you need to change is it something are you happy with it is it
something that you want to do something called om which stands for other
equipment manufacturer so you can have your own customized logo on this
particular prompt our product if you want now originally what I tell my
students is you don’t need to do that you don’t necessarily need to on the
first go your first order you don’t need to put your logo you just want to make
sure that you can sell it right so we do small quantities you get it up on Amazon
Amazon USA Amazon Europe Amazon Australia right and you want makes what
it sells now the second order is where you do your own logo right so simply
check the quality check the packaging alright check whether or not the arrival
time right so you look at the time it takes for the product to arrive at your
doorstep if this talk if I ordered this and a book I don’t know a month two
months for it to arrive right and I open it up and it was off you know it was
just I told the supply guys when he said it
to me in the next five days right a month would you work with that supply
would that supply it are you building trust at their supply
the answer is probably not right because you asked for it in five days it took a
map that means they’re probably not listening to your instructions that’s
what’s something yeah yeah the whole process of sampling is testing out the
supplier is this somebody that you can work with this is somebody that you can
trust and if you look at the arrival time the timing of the particular
product where you want to make sure that it arrives on time so that’s the process
to sampling the right dish you just want to be happy with this sample now if
you’ve got this sample and you know those like a little you know mark on the
box right you know like hey what the hell what’s what’s going on is this
shouldn’t be this mark on the box right I would actually bring it up at the
supplier I would say hey guys I love the product but there’s a mark on the box
can you make sure that note before packing anything and you say it to the
warehouse under my name make sure there’s no marks on the box right so
this is the reason why you do the sampling process so hopefully that makes
sense guys if you have any questions give us a call in the office zero two
eight thousand three seven five three four if you’re looking to get something
started on Amazon make sure you connect with us as well we’ve got a free
training at our website which guides you through the entire process from finding
products finding products doing the research the biggest challenge we will
have initially is the products right they don’t know what products are
selling they don’t know what is trending what are people typing in to Amazon to
buy it right so we help you with finding the products we help with the research
of trending finding suppliers right they actually help you with that process
right and making sure that the supplier is a quality supplier making sure that
the supplier is actually going to give you a great quality product right and
the process to listing the product branding it with your own logo headlines
four points the keywords right branding PPC eBay socials all that stuff
we guide you through the whole process so guys give us a call in the office
zero to eight thousand three seven five three four is the Australian phone
number we’ve got a New Zealand phone number as well give us a corn that and I
would love to work with you I’d love to be your mentor your guide to getting you
fully listed on Amazon and building your business from scratch have
a great day

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