I Sold A Cow To Afford Real Estate

I just was too overwhelmed with what was
going on. I wanted to end my life, I wanted to kill myself. And I was heading to work
I wanted to jerk the wheel into a concrete barrier but… -Yeah. Actually… -We’re
out in the boondocks and there’s no concrete barriers until there
was this overpass. And I thought that was my opportunity. So, I went off the road a
little bit and this whole heepers on the road started hitting my tires. And I kept
going and then my wheel was in the dirt and then something inside of me screamed
at me and I jerked the wheel back on the road. And I got to work and I decided I
needed help. You’ve taught me it’s all… It’s it’s all
in my head. All of these limits have been setting
for myself are stupid. And honestly, coming here
I was still depressed I was still sad. And I’m looking forward to making do
want some promises that I’ve made to my wife and my family as well as myself. Listen, you guys. It’s been an honor
having you in this event this last week. And I know that you sold a cow to get
involved with me and to actually be here at this event and to start investing in
real estate. And that denotes a certain level probably of
desperation. But I looking at, it has commitment. Because I was at my
rock-bottom when I was like I can’t put food on the table. I’m not paying my
bills. I’m disappointing my wife and it’s tearing me up inside. And I said, “If I go
into depression, I’m never coming out of that.” And I went
the other way. I said, “Okay, I’m going to have to find a way to like raise myself out
of this.” And I’m glad that you and I right now have an opportunity to share
this experience. And you were brilliant on stage yesterday. By the way. So, for
those of you that are just like getting here right now,
Alex was on stage yesterday and was basically spouting out all this horse
manure about how she can’t do it, she can’t provide for a family and not a
good mom and all this garbage. And the thing is whatever we think about, we
bring about. And it all starts as a creation in our mind. And whatever we
think about and speak about, we call into creation. And eventually, ethereal
becomes material. And you now know that. And from what you’ve learned, what gets
to change for you? -Everything. He recorded the video
yesterday and I watched it all last night. And just watching it, I was just
smiling because I could actually see it from a different angle of what was going
on as a me being terrified of being on stage. But it just made me so much more
hopeful for the future and realize that it’s not my circumstances. It’s my
mindset and if I’m not going to be happy at where we’re at right now, I’m
definitely not going to be happy when we’re in a better place. -Well, I guess
right now, if you want to know what she’s actually talking about, check this out.
6 years old. It started.
Your parents are fighting. It’s the last memory that you have of your mom and dad.
It’s a bad fight. All the sudden, you come out of your room. Mom burst past you in
the hallway. She pushes dad into the into the tub. Now, he’s really angry. He
gets out of the tub he comes down the hall and right in front of you he puts
his fist right in your mother’s face. And he says it. You’ve never been so
terrified, so shocked. And you decide there’s something wrong. That part you
were right but then you said, “With me.” And that was wrong. Feel what it was like
then to feel broken and not enough. Feel it, Alex. Mom and dad are divorcing.
You’ll never see them together again. Broken family. Only child. Torn. But in that moment with everything you
observed, you arrived at the wrong meaning but you don’t know it. So, there
is somebody that you trust to come in. If you could call upon one person,
doesn’t matter who they are, doesn’t matter when they live to help you
understand, who would you ask to show up for you? -Probably my grandpa. -Grandpa shows up.
He takes you around his arm and you look at his eyes and immediately
you feel safe. But you’re still scared of when you witnessed and what happened and
you don’t know what to think other than “I’m broken.” And when grandpa sees you
about to make the decision that you’re broken that there’s something wrong with
you, what does he say? Different ways. The most complex. He’s an
old farmer. -Let’s hear it. Honor it. He would just say, “There’s nothing
wrong with you. It’s them. You should not take this to heart. It’s all going to be okay. Just don’t worry about it. Just come outside with me.” -And if you
work… Keep your eyes closed. If you were to come outside with Grandpa. He says, “I
need to steal me this young little granddaughter mine and go do something
fun. What we would do with you? -We’d go hunting. -Do it. Get lost in the wilderness. And what is your favorite
part as you out there away from home with him? -Just sitting him on the
4-wheeler just talking to him and him telling me all these stories. -Listen to
his stories. Feel them. Feel them warm your heart And repeat after me. I am whole. -I am whole. -I love me the way I am. -I love me the way I am. -I am enough -I am enough. -I love my life. -I love my life. -And I’m amazing provider. -I am an amazing provider. -I’m an incredible intuitive mother. -I am
an incredible intuitive mother. -Breathe it in.
Prove that you know how to do this. -I am whole. -I am whole. -I am enough. -I am enough.
-I love my life. -I love my life. -This is my time. -This is my time. -I’m a producer. -I am
the producer. -I’m a creator. -I’m a creator. -I’m an incredible mother. -I’m an
incredible mother. -Now, this is your microphone and they get to believe, not
me. They get to believe 5 out of 5 because
I’m going to ask him where she at. And we’re not going to give you 5 tries. -Okay. -You
get this many. -Okay. -So, honor yourself for you. Take this opportunity, Alex for you.
To wake up and shed the past. Let go of the lies. Let go of the garbage. Let go
the mom’s frustration. Let go over problems. When you are empowered, when you
embrace and love who you are, that’s when your world changes. Are you ready to
change your world? -Yes. -Good. Because in a moment, I’m going to say take one step
forward and when you do, that microphone is yours and you get to own it. You know
the beliefs. You know what you get to say. Speak intuitively. But this time, this
hand is only allowed to be in the air. -Okay. -Let me to show you where that is,
excellent. And you get to own it and you get to preach. You have to preach for 60
seconds. You get to tell them who you are. You have to tell him what’s different.
Close your eyes. You did it on stage. You were 5 out of 5. What you said
electrified the audience. They were fist bump in the air they were shouting and
praising your name. You inspired them. You changed your life. You went back home.
Your husband got a job, you got work. Things turn around within a matter of
months, moved out. You started having success. You loved your life. You started
just having all this confidence. And a year later, you were invited back out on
the stage in front of this audience to share with them how that breakthrough
changed everything for you. And right now, they’re here to be inspired by you a
whole year. 365 days has gone past with you believing in yourself. With all your
strengths and might love in your life who you are as a mother, a producer, a
creator, that you are enough. And that you’re okay just the way you are. And I
have gathered a roomful of people that do not believe in themselves and your
words in 60 seconds get to inspire them to believe like you did a year ago.
Do you understand? -Yes. -In a moment, when I count to 3, you’re going to open your
eyes. I’m going to bring you out on stage and all of them are going to erupt
because they know that what you’re going to say in the next 60 seconds with your
left hand in the air is going to absolutely change the life and inspire
them to be their highest and best selves. Do you understand? -Yes, sir. -Now, in 60
seconds, are you going to give your all? -Yes. -Can you really give it your all? -Yeah. -Can
you channel grandfather’s energy? -Yeah. -Can you channel your energy? -Yes. -Put them
boots on, girl. Are you ready? -Yes. -Friends, please help me welcome to the
stage Alex! [Crowd Cheering] -I am enough. I can do anything I set my
mind to. I am a wonderful mother. I am honorable wife. I can do anything.
I am confident on what I do. -Come on. Keep going! -I am creative. I can do
anything. I love my life. I love my family. I’ll do anything. I’ll do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes for them. Whatever it takes for myself. I love my
life. -There it is. [Crowd Cheering] Now, hold your hands out. So, revisiting that and actually seeing
what happened yesterday, when you woke up this morning, what’s different? What gets
to be different for you? -Just the way I get up and I start my
day rather than waking out and just be like, “I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to get
my son… I don’t… I’m just tired.” Then just waking up and jumping out of
bed. Still working on that. Just getting up and actually being excited that I am
alive and I do have a son and that I am expecting and I’m excited for that.
So, just to make my life better and as you said on stage that children are
very impressionable and we’ve noticed that Colt has stopped playing with his
toys. -All he wants to do is be with us. He wants us to hold him and he’s never ever
done that. He has always been really independent in
playing. And ever since we’ve really started getting depressed, he’s stopped
and that’s another thing that wouldn’t frustrate us because we’re like, “Go play.
We want to be alone.” And he just… He could sense it and he’s just such a loving
little boy. -Yeah. -Just for being 2 years old. -Beautiful. Everyone’s got a story.
Everyone has a reason that drives them. And when I look at both of your stories,
what they really should calm is, Jordan, you’re contemplating taking your life
like, Is it even worth it. “I can’t keep a job down.” And the doctors aren’t finding
solutions. And for you, it was a different way of choosing out. You’re both shut
down. And ultimately, society can’t have that power over us. It’s a power that
only we have over our own lives. And it’s up to us to wake ourselves back up and
say, “I’m getting back up. It’s time to go. It’s time to play. It’s time to have fun.”
She teach that to your son. Teach that to each other because by the way, we’re in a
positive state. When you’re having a good time, when you’re enjoying your life,
guess what? Results follow and the results increase. It’s almost like results match
the energy that we put into life. And so, I’m excited for the 2 of you. I
know that your real estate journey is just beginning and it took selling a cow
to do that. I’m thankful that they took the opportunity to shut things down in
their world for 4 days to come and spend that time here. Based on what you
guys are learning, what do you think is going to happen next after this event in
your lives? -I know that success is going to happen. I know that there’s been promises I’ve made to my wife, my family and myself. And I’m
going to… I’m going to be able to fulfill every single one of those. -I’m so excited
for you. And what about for you, Alex? What gets to
change? -Just completing my goals. I’ve never ever completed my goals. I’ve never
held myself accountable towards them. And so, in that book that you guys
have given us, we’ve brought down the consequences. And they made them very bad.
-Oh… -I’m shaving my head, selling the whole Breyer Horse collection. -I’m
like.. -You’re going to get your goals now. You got leverage. -I don’t want to do that. So, it’s going to happen weather my brain likes
it or not. -Well, listen. I’m going to say to you guys right now.
Wealth is a journey and that journey starts from within. And so, when people
come to my events, we’re like, “Wait, this is not your typical real estate seminar.
Like, where’s all the real estate training? And a part of it is. But the
rest of it is saying, “Hey, we got to get your head straight. We got to get you to
think like a multimillionaire. We got to get you to understand beyond what you’re
actually going to be doing. How to feel about what you’re doing. And ultimately how to
cast off your limiting beliefs so you can step into life and start every day
as your highest and best self.” If you fix that energy and if you command the
emotional state, you will find that results in life will start responding
powerfully to you. You are the creators of this part of your journey. God put you
here a spark. If you within and it’s up to you to say, “Hey, I’m going to beast my
self into the man, the woman that I want to be that is best for me, my spouse, my
family and my life.” And I feel like you guys have more of the tools to do that
now then you certainly did before. -Yes. -And now, it’s time to get out there and
actually make that deal happen. Selling that cow means you’re in the program.
You’ve got the resources let’s go make it happen. -Yeah. You guys excited? -Yes, sir.
-Awesome. I’m excited for you guys. Listen, thank you so much for being here. For the
rest of you, make sure that you are a subscriber and got videos like this
coming every day with amazing human beings like this wonderful couple that
are saying, “Hey, how do we do this? How do we figure this out? We diagnose what
needs to be addressed first so that we can get started on a journey,
crush it make it happen.” -Yeah. -Make sure you guys like this video. You got some
resources below. My book so free. Go grab them and we’ll look forward to seeing
you guys on tomorrow’s video.

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  1. I'll admit it had me in tears. I'm 65 years old anf to see a young couple crush it is amazing. Thank you Kris for being there for so many.

  2. Love the sacrifice and passion. The earlier you get started the better but you can make millions in real estate and basically any age!

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